How to Fix Unable to Connect to Proxy Server in Chrome

You came across a connection error after installing a VPN or messing around with the Proxy Settings of your Google Chrome browser. Such an Error as:

Unable to Connect to Proxy Server

A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between your computer and other servers. Right now, your system is configured to use a proxy, but Google Chrome can’t connect to it.

Unable to connect
Here is how to fix it.

  • Launch your Google Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the Menu Bar, then Click on Settings.
  • Scroll down to Show Advanced Settings, click on it, then scroll down to Networks, then click on Change Proxy Settings… button
  • Now a new window would pop up, click on LAN Settings. A second window appears, now Tick the Automatically Detect Settings check box, click on OK to close Current window.
  • Then Click on OK to close the second window.

That’s how I fixed “Unable to Connect to Proxy Server” on my Chrome Web Browser.

Oscar Frank

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  1. Negative

  2. Thanks, it works

  3. Doc Jeffries says:

    Thanks for the advice, Oscar. That didn’t work for me but it led me in the right direction. I simple removed the check mark for “Use a Proxy Server” above the option you mentioned…okayed out and closed Chrome. Restarted Chrome and all was working fine!
    Thanks for the advice! :)


  4. Tried that still doesn’td work! What else can I do.

  5. Resolved it finally by running the following:

    1. Enter “CMD” and right click CMD.exe and selected run as administrator:
    2. Once in dialog box, after cursor: netsh winsock reset.
    3. Ran combofix.exe
    4. So far, everything is back to normal at the moment!

  6. Getting an error saying that the settings are enforced by an administrator.

  7. Tnx it worked for me.

  8. sarita Samrai says:

    Hi, just had to let you know it worked. Was tempted to take the laptop back to factory settings. Thank you.

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