One of the fastest growing areas online is web development, largely because of the increased demand for an online presence for brands and individuals. What many developers and regular users don’t appreciate is the fact that many people rarely care about the amount of coding one in the backend. All they care about is what they see and use. This means that the front end output matters more and efforts added to give the desired front-end look is paramount.

top best web design tools

To achieve this feat, numerous web developer tools guarantee the desired outlook on websites. The following are the latest 2013 web development tools to give web readers what they want. These tools also make the development work interesting and easy.

1. Plagtracker

The importance of having unique content on your website cannot be emphasized enough times. Plagiarism checker PlagTracker ensures that all content published on the website is unique and original in a flash of minute. You can use this tool for free.

2. Anchor CMS

The number of content management systems seems to be reducing if recent news in the web development industry is anything to go by. Anchor CMS is one of the new blogging content management systems built with the old PHP/MySQL (5.3+) set-up. However, this one is simply cleaner, functionality oriented with mass appeal. You can use it free.

3. Scripted

Many coders would rather have their script editors online from a recent survey. Scripted is the tool, which makes this dream a reality because it’s a browser based code editor. Its user-friendly interface makes coding simple. Besides, the tool has numerous keyboard shortcuts integrated to make your work easy. This tool is free.

4. Mailrox Beta

This is one of the latest newsletter development tools in the web development world (free of charge in beta stage). This tool simplifies the work required to design a newsletter, code and form template for recycled us. However, note that since this tool is still in development, you will still have to do some more work in Photoshop before actually using it in the tool.

5. Typecast Beta

This beta tool is charged with the responsibility of making your fonts and typographical work in web development projects easy. With thousands of fonts to use from different suppliers, this tool will enable you make numerous page layouts in no time.

6. Uiji.js

This good jQuery plugin allows for the creation of DOM elements on a client side that is easy to import and make. Since every developer appreciates the fact that generating HTML with JavaScript is not child business, this tool is a savior. It’s also free like many of the above tools.

7. Thinkin Tags Alpha

This tool is currently within the prototyping environment but when it will be released, will provide unique functionalities probably full-on IDE, focusing on the YAML CSS framework. This tool is dynamic and has WYSIWYG functionality. The tool will come ‘production-ready’ and hence completely user friendly. Presently, not much about its pricing is out according to a source.

8. Bootmetro

With this tool, your web applications can take your UI for a spin free of charge. With its Metro-style UI framework, this tool has a lot of promise (still in beta stage) and is by all indications, poised to be great when it’s done.


This tool is one of the best prototyping tools you can find out there. With a median monthly fee of $49, this tool is the best companion to define your ideas all the way into something can be produced. It comes complete with touch functionalities, animation capabilities and allows sharing.

10. Bootsnipp

This tool provides free space for Bootstrap developers. This way, developers can share resources, work and code. Although still in the beta stage, this tool will sure make it easy for developers to increase their collaborative output.

 I hope you found this list of Top Webdesign and Development Tools useful, you can let us know other webdesign tools familiar to you.



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