The rate at which students graduate out of universities in Nigeria out-numbers the number of job opportunities now available and this has quite led to a high level of unemployment within the nation.

find job vacancies in Nigeria

I decided to make an intense research that would be of help to the youths. This list contains job search portals or blogs where you can find the latest job vacancy listings across Nigeria.

The jobs that are offered on blogs I’ll be mentioning in this list cover areas such as IT, banking and finance, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas Sector and other lucrative niches.

Note: This guide is not listed in a hierarchical order but simply picks out the top 10 job blogs to find job vacancies and employment opportunities as a Nigerian across towns such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Jos, Ibadan and more. Check out the below list.

Top 10 Job Search Websites For Employment Opportunities In Nigeria

1.  JobberMan : This is one of the leading job portals across Nigeria. It is ranked 5900 globally and 27  in Nigeria as at time of post according to Alexa. There are lots of daily job listings on the board which you can simply log and apply for. One thing people keep complaining about them is most of the jobs are been paid for on applications, but they quite meet up the best search job portal standards.

2.  NaijaHotJobs : According to Alexa, it is ranked 46,645 globally and 334 in Nigeria. It is a job board (forum) where you get to meet with lots of people posting job vacancies across Nigeria and also you can meet with employees to suit any kind of job.

3. : This job vacancy site started barely two months ago and has gained a lot of ground in the industry. It is visited by lots of people across the nation for various job opportunities and presently boasts of high traffic levels. It is currently ranked 590,000 globally and 1,800 in Nigeria according to Alexa.

4.  HotNigerianJobs : One job portal that has inscribed their name in the sands of time. They provide job listings on various careers are currently ranked 9998 globally and 48 in Nigeria as at time of post.

5.  NgCareers : Another big shot in Nigeria job search niche. They have a user friendly platform where employees and employers meet for exchange of resources and services. Providing Nigerians with the best job vacancy and employment opportunity has always been their aim. NgCareer is currently ranked 21,975 globally and 158 in Nigeria.

6.  NairaCareer : A simple blogger job portal yet wows the Nigerian youths with loads of job employment news daily. The rate a which jobs are posted is always on the rise and this has attracted lots of Nigerians to the blog and the large fanbase can attest for it. It is ranked 37,030 globally and 222 in Nigeria.

7.  NigerianJobPortal : With lots of job vacancies, this portal also allow you post your CV so employees can easily find their best bet for any job vacancy. They provide you with job employments in Nigeria and are currently ranked 114,257 globally and 466 in Nigeria.

8.  NigeriaBestJobs : Ranked 129,907 globally and 860 in Nigeria, the guys down there know their onions and always provide you with job listings across the nation. They are on the rise and would definitely grow stronger from the look of things.

9.  JobListNigeria : The huge fanbase on facebook clearly shows that they are loved by various Nigerians because of the quality they put into the work on the job find portal. This job platform is currently ranked 36,067 globally and 195 in Nigeria.

10. NaijaJobsLink : The last but not the least on this list is Naijajobslink. They have various job search facilities that would help you easily get jobs for the unemployed in Nigeria. Currently not the largest anyway, but has the potential of been on top in the industry. You They are ranked 549,869 globally and in 1962 Nigeria.

Now you have seen the list of the Top 10 Job Vacancy Search Portals In Nigeria, you can now visit any of the above to get your jobs today.

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  1. Nice list you’ve got here. I currently work at a cyber cafe and most people who come the to search for jobs visit jobberman and naijahotjobs. I’m not registered in any of these job sites because i’m into online business. I currently own a forum and a blog where i make my money from although i’m planning to go into programming..

  2. Hello sir, I am highly Impress by ur wounderful tutorial here at oscamini, u have realy help me a lot and have learn a lot 4rm ur post, please sir, How can one protect and safeguide His or her Mastercard From Hackers both online and Offline here in Nigeria. And Sir, Is it advisable to use a personal Account which is link with Mastercard To withdraw Money at ATM Stand, Buy and Shop online, do domain registration and hosting I wil be greatful if dis my tender question recieve an urgent reply. I am sorry Thanks.

    • Hi Onyema,
      I’m glad you love my articles down here and want to say I really appreciate your compliment. Talking about mastercards, you need to be careful the sites you input your details. I currently use my mastercards linked with my personal accounts to shop online and haven’t encountered any issues because I use them on only trusted sites.
      Of course buying domains and hosting from sites like Bluehost, Godaddy, Namecheap and the likes is quite secured.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi Onyema,
    It is nice to share this since it is helping those graduates find jobs easier. Hoping they will see it and make good of the chances which are posted on websites.

  4. Nice post sir. Am in the process of creating my own job search site. would like it if you could give me some advice and steps in order to develop a good and up to standard job site


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