The usefulness of smartphones in our lives cannot be overemphasized. Smartphones have over the years metamorphosed into tools that we use in our lives daily. Still, on the topic of how smartphones have transformed into tools, in this article, we are going to explore a list of best Speedometer apps for android. Speedometer apps featured in this list helps in measuring speed and some other parameters pertaining to motion.

1. GPS SPeedometer and Odometer

GPS SPeedometer and Odometer

Looking to keep track of your speed, GPS Speedometer and Odometer is precisely why you need. Whether you are in a car or you are running with your feet, this apps has the essentials needed for tracking speed accurately. This boasts of 98% accuracy when connected to the internet, accuracy drops when the app is used in offline mode. This app tracks speed, average speed, distance, trip time, and maximum speed. GPS Speedometer is a free app with a lot of ads, upgrading to the premium version will remove ads. It is available on the Google PlayStore for download.

2. GPS Speedometer

GPS Speedometer

GPS Speedometer is another highly recommended app for folks who desire to measure the pace. GPS Speedometer offers a straightforward interface, with essential features within reach. GPS Speedometer features a HUD mode, compass and also gives instant readings of how fast you are going. GPS Speedometer comes with five different themes to make the app more appealing to look at. These themes are inspired by big car manufacturers like Ferrari and Lexus. GPS Speedometer is available for free download on the Google PlayStore.

3. Ulysse Speedometer App

Ulysse Speedometer App

Ulysee offers real-time speed reading. It is highly recommended for motorists that have decided to go digital. Ulysee speedometer will notify with a unique sound when you exceed the set speed limit.

Apart from measuring speed, Ulysee speedometer app also shows battery charge, time an date. Ulysee can be integrated into android music players like Pandora, Spotify, and many others.  Ulysee speedometer is available on the Google PlayStore for free download.

4. DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHud Speedometer app offers excellent speed readings, with a colorful and minimalist interface. DigiHud lets you modify the colors of readings displayed in the within the app. DigiHud speedometer has a feature that enables you to see readings when the app is minimized, it a background mode. DigiHud provides information of parameters like average speed, distance and time.

5. Speed View

speed view

Speed view features a HUD, that lets you check your speed and some other driving start at a glance. Speed view enables you to keep track of moving time, stopped time, distance, speed and lots more. Speed view also features a compass, graph for stats and lots more.

Speed view has a feature that notifies you when you are going too fast. Speed view is a free app, but paying a premium, will unlock more features.

6. Speedometer GPS Android

speedometer gps asndroid

Speedometer GPS android offers speed readings in all the reading formats. Formats which includes MPH, KMH, KTS and lots more. It provides live and direct satellite updates and offers different modes including a car speedometer mode and a bicycle speedometer mode. This app also provides direct map integration, making navigation a whole lot easier.

7. Speedometer Free Speed Box

best speedometer apps for android

Speedometer free speed box app provides all the essentials you need to measure speed accurately. Speedometer, free speed box, is capable of measuring speed and distance. It measures speed and distance using the accessible unit. These units include MPH, KM/H, and Knots. it has a built-in compass and also themes for customization. Speedometer. free speed box, is available for free download on the Google PlayStore.

8. Speedometer Free Speed Limit Alert + GPS Black Box

limit alert free app

Speedometer app helps drivers monitor their speed. With speedometer limit alert app, drivers can set speed limits. When the limit is reached, the speedometer will notify you, using a deafening sound that cannot be mistaken.

With Speedometer, drivers can stay clear of speeding tickets and stay safe. When you approach the speed limits, the color of texts in the app turns red from green. Speedometer records the speed of your last 20-minute drive, to be used as evidence in case of an arrest.

9. HUD Widget – Driving Widgets with HUD Mode

hud widget apps

In recent years, Heads up display has become more of a rule than an exception, for middle to high-end Auto-mobiles. Being able to bring it’s functionality to our cars, using an app is impressive. HUD (Heads up display) widget is a package of useful widgets with useful information on them. HUD widget app features a speedometer, distance reading, clock, weather, and eco-driving. The app also provides translations for fuel consumption. The only downside to this is that you won’t be able to use it very well during the day time. HUD widget app requires some form of darkness so that the characters can be seen when projected on your wheel screen. HUD widgets app is available on the Google Play Store for downloads.

10. Speedometer GPS Pro

speedometer gps pro

Speedometer GPS Pro is an app designed to suit the needs of motorists as well as motorcyclists. Speedometer GPS pro features car and bicycle modes. The main screen on the app displays measurements such as duration, distance, start time, maximum and average speed, speed and altitude. Speedometer GPS pro lets you save all readings in its history tab.

There you have it, my list of best speedometer apps for android. Speedometer apps featured on this list can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.



  1. #2 is no longer in the play store. I used to use it but after changing phones I can no longer locate a version on Google Play and had to locate the apk elsewhere.


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