Texts were massively popular back in the day, but not anymore. People now prefer to use several messaging platforms that need an internet connection like WhatsApp, Viber and so on. But there are still some persons that send messages all the time or once in a while. It could be that they see it as the best form of communication or they do not have an internet connection. To help them, in no particular order, here is our list of 10 Best Android Apps For SMS:

1. Textra SMS

Android Apps For SMSTextra has been around for a while and it is surely one of the best SMS apps you will find in the Google Play Store. The app is completely compatible with Pushbullet, MightyText, Wear OS, and Android Auto. It provides lots of customizability too. Users will be able to select between 180+ themes, bubble, and application icon colors. You will have access to Dark and night modes in the app and a pop-up feature is present in it as well.

2. Pulse SMS

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This is another well known and amazingly useful SMS application. It possesses decent animations and it aids private convos. You will be able to block anyone straight from the application. Dual SIM mobile devices are supported. The design is enticing plus there is an automatic message backup and restore feature to make sure vital messages are not lost.

3. chomp SMS

This is a very neat and useful SMS application. The app safeguards your password and also comes with more privacy features. Your SMS can be scheduled to be sent later and its SMS backup option can also save you in certain situations. You will be able to blacklist numbers. Dual SIM smartphones are supported. This app will work with Yappy, Pushbullet, and MightyText.

4. SMS Backup And Restore

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If you ever need a standalone application for backing up and restoring SMSes, this is the app for you. A few SMS apps come with this functionality but several others do not.

The app is simple to work it and it can be used for your SMS, MMS, call logs and so on. Therefore, you need not worry about restoring them on a new device when the time comes.

5. Messages

This app is from Google so you expect a proper standard. It helps you send SMS and MMS messages and also aids chat (RCS), even if that requires a compatible network. The application is properly designed and very neat. It does not possess several features but it does the job and it is really functional.

6. Mood Messenger

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This is another alternative for your regular SMS & MMS app. It is smooth to look at and will let you personalize almost everything within it.

You will be able to personalize it for any contact. Users can select between 100 themes and decide on any background they fancy. Mood Messenger supports dark mode and you can take control of LED notification light, sounds and vibration.

7. GO SMS Pro

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This app is filled with various features. Some users even feel the features are excessive. It possesses several themes, stickers and supports dual SIM mobile phones. It is home to a pop-up window feature, that lets you blacklist specific numbers. There is even a delay sending option that is very handy sometimes. Cloud backup storage for your SMSes is guaranteed.

8. Handcent SMS

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This app has been here for a while. It is an ancient app replacement that can be installed from the Google Play Store. It lets you text from your personal computer and it possesses a complete Wear OS support. Cloud backup and a pop-up window are available.

9. Yaata

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This is a decent app. Downloading it will not use up more than 3MB of your data but it is still blessed with proper features.

Group chats are available and delivery report is supported. SMS sending delay is not left out and your SMSes can be scheduled too. There is a dark mode feature but it is only for those that are willing to part with some cash. There are more paid features for your enjoyment if you want.

10. Do It Later

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If the SMS app you fancy does not support SMS scheduling, here is your solution. This app will do that SMS scheduling for your texts and your emails, Twitter plus phone calls. Concentrating on SMS, it helps you schedule them however you please and at several time intervals. It will also let you know when a message is successfully sent.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best Android apps for SMS. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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