Walking through the wilderness is exciting and interesting. You receive fresh air, you work out and even spend some time without distractions like the internet. There will always be a time to do something entirely different and hiking can make that happen. eHowever, there are a few applications that you need to take along to make things easier for yourself. A lot of them can be used offline too. Let’s find out the best options out there that you need in our list of hiking apps for Android:

1. 1Weather

hiking apps for AndroidThis is a useful application for planning hikes. It comes with all the regular weather features like a weather widget, forecasts, current weather, and weather radar.

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They are so vital when you want to plan a future excursion. And every feature will cost you nothing at all as a user.

2. BackCountry Nav

hiking apps android

This is a proper hiking app. It comes with a selection of offline topographical maps. Its maps are gotten from several sources and it possesses USGS color aerial photography, OpenStreetMaps, NASA Landsat data e.t.c. This app accommodates several countries like America, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, New Zealand and so on. Users can try the free version before anything else.

3. Compass

hiking apps for androidThis is a decent hiking application. A compass should be on you to use it. It is easy to use as it is basically a compass. The direction will be seen by you. It has the measurement of a degree for more accurate navigation. Do not expect advertisements plus it can be used offline. If you want the premium version though, be prepared to part with some cash.

4. Icon Touch

hiking apps for android

Several mobile devices have a flashlight now but most of them are still lagging behind and Icon Torch rectifies that problem. It possesses zero settings, UI or advertisements. Just click the icon to enable the light and click it once more to disable it. It fits seamlessly on your home screen or launcher dock. This app will cost you nothing and it has no in-app purchases.

5. Komoot

This is a brilliant planning application for hikers and bikers. It is useful for checking out trails and planning your route via them. It even comes with turn-by-turn voice guidelines. Expect offline maps that can be downloaded too. Komoot is simple to use. It is one of the most amazing hiking apps that do not need you to subscribe.

6. Offline Survival Manual

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This app does precisely what the name hints. It is basically a manual to survive when you are lost in the wilderness. If that should happen to you, it is a useful app to have. It contains information on several things like tying knots, building a fire, and staying away from poisonous plants. Users will also have access to psychology tips for stress, getting food and surviving various environments and weather conditions. It will cost you nothing and there are no ads.

7. Runkeeper

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This app caters for fitness. But it is also useful for hiking lovers. One unique feature it has is being able to track how far you’ve gone. This can be used to monitor your hikes. It is also possible to set your targets and view your progress. There is a free version and a version you will subscribe to. Subscription will provide features like weather insights, workout plans and so on.

8. Knots 3D

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This app will help you tie all types of knots. Users will be exposed to several knots and ways to tie them. Also, it possesses 3D video tutorials for tying those knots. You can view them, rotate the clip to view better e.t.c. The application has a 7-day return policy to make things easier for you. Its video tutorials make it one to go for.

9. Water Drink Reminder

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Still on the topic of best-hiking apps for Android, Drink water, is another essential app yiu might need on your Android device. This is an app that will remind you to drink water. There are several app reminders out there but this app concentrates on ensuring you remember to drink water. The application displays a graph of how much water you drink and users will hear alarms from time to time, reminding them to drink some more. It will sync data with Google Fit and S Health too. It will cost you nothing to use this app.

10. WikiCamps

This is basically a directory for campgrounds and RV parks. Several hikers fancy the idea of having a camp close by. This application will help you to locate one in your area. You can use it to set up camp and go hiking whenever you want. There are apps presently for America, Canada, U.K, New Zealand, and Australia.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best hiking apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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