Taking drugs can be annoying, even if it is important. Luckily for us, our mobile phones have made the experience easier and there are now several medication reminders out there that can be used on your smartphone. Let’s highlight some of them in our list of Best Pill Reminder Apps For Android:

1. Google Assistant

Pill Reminder Apps For AndroidThis is a useful app for reminders. You just have to ask Google Assistant to remind you of that and it will grant your request. This also functions on Google devices. Users can have an audible reminder from a speaker that will ensure they do not forget. Siri on Apple devices and Alexa on Amazon devices are also useful here. Just ask your personal assistant to remind you to take your drugs and it will be done.

2. Google Calendar

Pill Reminder Apps For Android

This pill reminder app has been here for a while. It is identical to marking a paper calendar, but this one will ensure you do not forget anything by making use of beeps and vibrations.

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You just need to create a calendar event, set it to repeat as often as you want and then make it remind you. We have several amazing calendar apps but they all integrate with Google Calendar so it is the best option to go for.

3. Just Reminder

Pill Reminder Apps For AndroidThis is an easy reminder application. It can do a lot of things and functioning like a medication reminder is one of them.

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It comes with features for backing up through SD card and Google Drive from when you power on your device. Your security is guaranteed as well because it comes with a PIN lock that will lock the application to ensure nobody tampers with your info.

4. Lady Pill Reminder

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This is an application for birth control pills. Its features include an automatic reminder daily with personalization features.

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For example, the notification can be different for you to know it is for your reminder and not just a regular message. Just put the number of pills in the packet and the time of day and the app will take care of the rest for you.

5. Life Reminders

It is identical to Just Reminder. It is a proper reminder application that gets the job done. You can create the reminder, include a time and a date, make it repeat, and set a notification reminder. It allows you to set up several reminders for various medications or doses as required. It will cost you nothing.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best pill reminder apps for Android. If you have any recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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