Firstly I’ll like to wish you a happy new month, we are already in the last month of the year, I hope you are preparing for the holiday, I’ll also say a Happy Birthday To FlowingTechBlof (FTB), probably, this article was suppose to come up yesterday, but due to the fact that our Anniversary fell on sunday I had to postpone this article a day ahead.

It’s already one year since we started this journey, blogging has really been fun, rugged and above all very interesting 🙂 . On November 30th 2013, I set out to purchase a domain name for this blog, I was confused as all my desired names had been taken, towards the cool evening when I was having rest, the wonderful name (techribs) hit my head Gbam! After purchasing the domain name and fixing it, the journey began. At the begining I didn’t seem to be serious with blogging, as blogging didn’t seem to be friendly with me (Traffic Issues) you know what I mean, so I had some time off from blogging, probably thats one of my blogging mistakes. Around March 2014, I decided to go into the blogosphere and explore more.

Since March 2014, I’ve been up and doing, blogging now tends to have no option than becoming a friend .. lol .. At least I’ve got a hobby that pays. Today we are celeberating our first Anniversary, with a lot of achievments as well. Maybe in the nearest time, I’ll have to change my view as to how I see blogging (fulltime blogging) 🙂 .

Are there any changes you noticed on my photo over there? Yes I had to cut my hair low so I could look like the real me, unlike my Gravatar, I hope I’m looking good 🙂 . Within this pace of time I’ve been able to meet some bloggers who have really contributed to my blogging life, and some which I also have in one way or the other learnt a thing from. Of course they are very numerous and I don’t think I’ll be able to mention them all, but let me list but a few as much as I can remember.

I wish FTB (techribs) a very happy anniversary, there are gooddies in stock. A lot of my readers have contacted me, telling me how passionate they are about blogging, but don’t know how to go about it. Owing to this, I have decided to feature some professional bloggers here at FTB (techribs), to take my faithful readers on a guide to start, build, optimize and make money from their blogs. You can see these four wonderful bloggers below:

This is the last month of the year, every blogger wether new or old wants to revolutionise their blogging journey in 2015, we all want our blogs to go to the next level in 2015, so I think it’s gonna be nice you keep visiting my blog as these bloggers will teach us more about blogging.

This is really gonna be beneficial to all of us, please make sure you don’t miss it. These bloggers are packed with a lot of goodies that can boost your blog to the next level in 2015.


We are already in the month of december, so I guess the giveaway competition starts today, let’s see what we have in stock.

None Bloggers:
For those of my readers who wish to set-up a blog, after these four professional bloggers must have empowered you with the rudimentary skills required to venture into blogging, I’ll set-up a blog for the person who will be emerging successful in this particular contest. Just keep commenting and make sure you are on the lead on the top commentator widget. That’s it!

Sure, my lovely blogger’s ain’t left out as well, the first two bloggers who happen to take the lead in the top commentators list for december will be handsomely rewarded. Lets see how.

The first blogger on the list stands a chance of having his/her product or website reviewed for free here on FTB.
Furthermore, the second blogger on the list will be offered a 250 X 250 free ads space on FTB for one month.

I’m really glad for this day, techribs won’t be here today without your support, I really appreciate. I also would appreciate your shares and


  1. Hi Larry,

    Congratulations indeed for your first Blogiversary 🙂

    I can just about imagine your excitement, and it does remind me of the time my blog turned one year too. Not to mention that it would be four year old within a few weeks now. If you’ve come through this one year, then you are going on the right path dear friend, and I am sure you’re going to reach greater heights of success – so keep the faith, and keep going!

    I like the idea of the giveaway for both, bloggers and non-bloggers – may the best person win! And I look forward to reading more about other bloggers on your blog. Oh yes…your picture here looks wonderful too!

    Thanks for the kind mention along with all the others, and I am glad if I’ve helped you in any way, though I appreciate you for being a part of my blog, especially an active ABC (Aha!Blog Community) member now, and I am sure you are loving it there too. Have a nice week and month ahead. 🙂

    • Hi Ma’am Herleena,
      It’s good to see once again on my blog, thanks for the kind words, sure you’ve imparted alot in my blogging path, I say a big thank you. You deserv the list.

      I feel so excited that you have admired my picture lols.. ABC is quite a wonderful place to be.
      It’s good you stopped by.

  2. Considering the fact that you are plus one Today, I think it is high Time I made myself known to you and ur blog, My name is Onyema Shedrach A proffessional blogger, Internet Marketer, Graphic Designer and Web Developer from Nigeria. Actually I have known you for quite some time now even when you are still blogging on blogspot, u are like a source of inspiration to me. I still remeber many years ago when I started my own blogging journy, it was not so easy with me then, just like u said, I have made a lot of Mistake during my early blogging Journy, but I still recorded quite some success along the line, I first see u when u guest post, right there I started to follow ur blog knowing quite well that Oscan Frank is one of The top Exceptional blog here in Nigeria. The peope u mention as ur mentor nd Inspirational are quite remarkable and wounderful people in the Industry of blogsphere, I will be delighted to have myself fucture in next your blog as a guest post in your up coming Guesting posting if u so wish, I do Run couple of blog and Website on both Top CMS on Tech, Web Development and Make Money Niche. My Contact Email. [email protected]. Finally, I wish u and ur blog Long life and more Success in Fucture.

    • Hello Onyema,
      It’s nice seeing you on my blog, it’s a great pleasure.
      I never knew that there were people following my blog right from when it was on blogspot, I appreciate your support.
      It’s gonna be nice to feature you on my blog, I’ve been accepting some guest posts for some time, and I think you just came at the right time.
      Thanks for the kind wishes, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  3. Hi Larry,

    techribs is Just 1yr and it has boomed with. Such a rapid growth. Wow!

    Kudos to you bro, you did a very good job.
    More Years to FTB
    More Years to You
    More Years to your Readers!!

    Heap Heap.. Hurray 🙂

    • Hi Chinonso,
      I claim your prayers and believe they shall come to manifestation.
      Thanks for your kind wishes.
      Thanks for stopping by too, I really appreciate that.
      Do have a wonderful day ahead.

  4. Happy Anniversary Frank!
    It’s been an exciting journey isn’t it? A lot has been learned and new friends added to your list.

    That’s about the most interesting part of blogging – growing your community

    There are certainly more beautiful days ahead so let’s keep giving.

    Thanks for the mention. It’s really an honor to be on the list bro. We have better days ahead 😉

    • Hi Enstine,
      Sure Blogging has really been exciting, I’ve had a tour around the blogsphere, new friends, and sure I made some cash 🙂

      Your blog is one of those blogs out there that enlightens me, you truely deserve the mention.

      I’m glad you stopped by, do have a wonderful day ahead.

  5. Aw Happy one year anniversary of your blog. You would surely be so excited for this. Wish you lots of luck!

    P.S. Sorry missed commenting first, was replying to Vinay sir.

    • Hi Rohan,
      Sure I’m so excited about it, and you all have been my support all these while.
      Wether you commented first or not the fact still remains you droped a comment.
      I say a big thanks to you, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

    • Hello Temilola,
      Welcome to my blog, sure this year really was fruitful, and ofcourse celeberating a one year anniversary is really great.
      Thanks for the compliment, do have a wonderful day ahead 🙂

  6. Hello Larry,

    A very-very congratulations to you. Hope, you get more success in future.

    Thanks for counting me in featured bloggers list. I am feeling very honorable. You have chosen the best ideas to reward fellow bloggers. It sounds great.

    Thanks again for the wonderful post. Have a great day ahead!

    • Hello Ma’am Nisha,
      It’s all my pleasure that you would honor my invitation.
      Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it.

      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

  7. Hi Larry,

    Congrats. You did completed one year of your blogging career. I am glad to know that successfully you have done a great job. You help many people to know about many useful technical things. I am sure you are going to boost it up in upcoming days.
    Hope you are enjoying your day.

    • Hello Ravi,
      I feel like a super man when you guys say a whole lot of mind blowing words to me.
      Thanks for the praise, lols
      Sure I’m enhoying the day, have a wonderful day ahead.

  8. When I saw my name it’s made me happy. I know I haven’t done much for you, but you, including my name makes me feel happy thanks dude. Happy birthday to your blog and many more years to your blog, wish you the best bro. And success in your blogging career…. I dey show for my Christmas gift 🙂 ..

    • Azoka,
      You na funny dude oo, we’ve known each other for a while now, we’ve always wanted success for each other and I guess that alone means alot.

      I’m so happy you stopped by to drop a comment.
      Thanks for stopping by, sure, christmas cake is ready.. (lol) 🙂

  9. Congrats and Happy Anniversary Larry! I know how you feel at this time because it’s rough blogging in the beginning like you said. But through perseverance you made it and that’s something to be proud of. And I can say I didn’t recognize you on the picture…lol I guess you’re starting the New Year off with a new look and a new vision. That’s awesome! I hope 2015 bring you more success in blogging as well as in your personal life.

    • Hello Vernon,
      It’s good to see you here on my blog, I appreciate your kind words.
      Ofcourse blogging is always rough at the start, and I’m glad that I could emerge successful.
      Lols… I knew that a lot of people won’t recognise me on my new look, ofcourse its not just all about a new look, I also have new visions for my blog.

      It’s good that you have stoped by to drop a comment, I really appreciate.
      Enjoy the rest of the week.

  10. Congrats bro,I can really imagine how happy you are and am so happy for you Larry. You shall receive More income in Jesus name.
    Yours Sincerely
    Owolabi Abayomi Opeyemi of Healthtutortips .com

    • Thanks Boss,
      Sure you deserve the mention, your blog has always been an inspiration tok me… lols
      I’ll refer you as one of my secrete bosses 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  11. The first day I read your post was at don caprio’s blog ( and I was like… Wow! This guy writes wonderfully… I googled your name and GBAM! – i interacted with techribs and became a regular reader. That’s the real love at first sight… Lols
    the day you even managed to reply to one of my foolish tweet, I was like… He even has time for his readers?
    What a great blogger He is… I look up to a greater you bro.. More success in the bloghosphere.
    Blogging has been fun to me, although studies has made me abandon it for a while so I’ll still need your guide on how I can combine my studies with blogging. Thanks. Happy Anniversary!

    • Hello Jide,
      You are really funny though 🙂 you said you were suprised that I had time for my readers, what else can I have time for, you guys have brought me here, and I do really appreciate that.

      Sure, I’m always there, whenever you have any issues with your blog, just call on me, I’ll respond aswell.

      Thanks Mr. Love @ First Sight lols.. Do have a wonderful day ahead.

  12. Wow! Congrats. 1 yr? I wudn’t have believed if I heard it 4rm someone else cuz Ive even read some blog posts whr u get listed among the top bloggers in 9ja. And u already got 6k+ fb likes. I admire ur persistence sha. (U almost blow my fb notifications daily 4rm ur post sharing on fb groups common to us.) Rembr I told u so wen u sed fb blocked u 4rm posting on groups. And also wen dey unblock u. And even till nw, u still snd my notification off d rader bt I thk I wud emulate it. Bin visiting ur blog sinz wen u were using mas-sugeng template on blogger tho not regularly. I also quited my blog after 4 months (may) startin & restarted in Oct. Bliv ye me getting traffic bin harder. Wen I started, I got up to 6k+ pageview esp cuz only my blog had detailed jamb novels summary. Quitting do damage but at least, thkz 2 u, I’ve hope. Anyways, congrat. Ps- U hvnt replied my pm on fb. I tut u were in labour & decide 2 check here only 2 find out ure doing a party witout inviting me. Well nufin a botle of fanta cnt fix. BTW pls reduce d vol of d music.
    -D wordpress pros & plugin developers u mentioned (Enstine Muki, Herleena Singh, Adrienne Smith, etc) , jst recognizin u guys well recently. First on mmo (broadnet post), den worthblogger (afflite/blogengage 56$ giveaway) & nw here. So dey’ve got my attention & hopefully b seeing more of me.
    -BTW Enstine Muki, wen are u launching broadnet javascript widget. We at blogger need it. If not 4 work dat is kipin me busy, I wud hv attempted studying d platform & makin a js code. Alredi saved a source view of worthblogger on opera. I thk it wrks using feeds.
    -Didnt kw doncaprio name was Wale Adekile until nw. Men I nid 2 launch bloggers puppet.

    • Hello Don Martins,
      Thanks for stopping by at my blog, I never knew you’ve been following up for such a long time now. The 6k fb likes is just like a magic to me though lols, I guess they were all attracted because of free browsing cheats which I used to share in the early days.

      Lets head over to fb, I’ve replies you.
      Once more, thanks for stopping by.

    • Mr Johnnie,
      You really are a funny dude 🙂 lols.. Sure you decerver the mention “No Johnnie No Logo’s” lols..
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  13. Happy anniversary boss, I must say you have indeed done well in one year but you can do better. Connect with more people and keeping been a worthy friend. Thanks for the mention

    • Lols, it’s really funny when a boss calls his boy a boss.
      Boss, thanks for the kind word, you really do deserve the mention here, you’ve been a worthy friend.. lol

      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  14. Hey Bro,

    Congratulation as FTB turns one year. Sorry i didn’t make it here on time, guess the cake has already been consumed[lol].

    Indeed this one year of struggle isn’t a waste, you’ve succeeded in building a wonderful blog community with awesome readers. You have also touched the lives of many; both bloggers and non-bloggers – I’m one of such persons.

    I know there’s more to come, may all your efforts be crowned with success, may God bless the work of your hands and take FlowingTech to a greater height.

    Less I forget, thanks for the warm mention, i really appreciate.
    Happy Anniversary dear friend! FTB rocks! Enjoy the rest of the day

    • Hello Chinedu,
      It’s been a while you visited my blog, I guess you’ve really been busy this time.

      I appreciate your kind words, and I’m glad that you could tap a thing from me in whatsoever way. FTB turns one today, I believe that you’ve contributed in one way or the other to our success, I owe you one.

      Thanks for queezing out some time out or your busy schedul for us.

    • Hi Jassica,
      It’s good you could stop by on my blog this day to join in my celeberation, thanks for the whole compliments.
      And I really appreciate your comment, do have a splendid day ahead.

  15. mehn i couldnt be here on time to comment on the birthday date buh iam here anyway…

    You have done a great work in a year…i believe you will go more higher by next year…

    Thanks and continue wit ya wonderful work here..

    Have a wonderful day ahead

    • Sure Anyinature,
      It doesn’t matter if you are the first to drop a comment here or if you are the last, what matter most is, you droped a comment, you shared in my joy, and I really appreciate that.
      Thanks for your kinds wishes too, they are also appreciated.
      Do have a wonderful day ahead.

  16. Congrat to FTB boss, i hope you are making progress in blogging, not quite long i stumble across your blog but i’m happy am here today to celebrate with you. Wish many more succezzzzzz

    • Hello Jagz,
      I’m really honoured to have a reader like you, I appreciate all your visits here on my blog, I’m also glad you could join me to celeberate this day.
      Thanks and do have a splendid day ahead. 🙂

  17. Hello Larry, glad to know that FTB is one, though i aint a blogger, but i came across your blog few mths back from a group we are both members of on facebook, and sincerly i have found your posts incredibly good and very useful, keep up the good work and consistency, The sky is just your starting point, Happy Anniversary to FTB, cheers

    • Hello Uche,
      Thanks for your warm wishes, I do really appreciate that, and I believe same will occure in your blogging career.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  18. Hello Larry,

    Is such a great momment that FTB is celebrating her 1year Anniversary, am sorry for dropping my comment this late just that i have been busy with my site for somedays now due to a hijack issue with bangladesh hackers.

    But is still a great momment that i have finally meetup with the online celebration, i am sure you reserved my own cake.

    My advice to you Larry, keep blogging and focus on FTB and i assure you of a big big success.

    Regards: Pelij Elijah

    • Hello Pelij,
      I’m so excited seeing you on my blog today 🙂 it really feels good knowing that I have friends who care, like I always tell people, it doesn’t matter if you are the last person to comment here, your comment surely adds value to my blog.

      I’m so sorry that your site was hijacked, and I’m also glad that you could act fast in getting it back, and you know what, you were so good on the design, it seems you were talented with that.. (lol)
      Less I forget, your cake is waiting here for you, hurry up come take it 🙂

      I’ve heard your advice, and sure it was as if you were in my thoughts. I really appreciate your stopping by here, and bro, trust me, we will all get there.
      Do enjoy the weekend.

  19. Ahahah! am short of word at the same time happy that my brother;s blog is one year old already. Wow! congrats to you and God bless you!

  20. Congrats Larry, look where you’ve taken your blog to within a year. Lots of people are still struggling to know what it’s all about then how to finally get the right things done. Nice of you to show your gratitude to those who helped you out in one way or the other. Happy for eh, maybe someday I’ll put up a post like this with..

    • Hello Gracia,
      Thanks for your kind words. And let me say it again, my blog wouldn’t be here without the support of you all, you rock grace, you’ve been dropping those beautiful comments that add spice to my blog, and I’m really gratefull and I appreciate that.

      I wait for that day when a post like this will be live on your blog, I guess it’s gonna be in no time from now.

      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  21. Hi Larry,

    I’m so sorry I’m late getting by here but I’ve had your blog loaded up to stop by for a visit.

    Wow, one whole year. That’s quite an accomplishment and I know you’re very proud. I can imagine hunting for a domain name and the one you probably had in mind was already taken. That’s never fun so continuing on until you find one you like isn’t always fun. I think you did good though.

    I appreciate the mention here, I see that I’m in very good company.

    By now I’m sure that the giveaway and has been successful and everyone that participated is really excited as well.

    Thank you again and here it to another whole year of success, meeting new people and a heck of a lot of fun too!

    Thanks again and enjoy what’s left of your week.


    • Hi Ma’am Adrienne,
      You know blogging will never allow us say “it really was easy.” it never has been easy, right from choosing a name for this blog.
      As a matter of fact, you deserve the mention.

      Well my giveaway is still in the process, and you can observe that via the top commentator widget.

      Sure I really am proud 🙂 and I pray that my next year will surely be better than this year.

      Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful day ahead.


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