10 Steps to Setting up in Web Design

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    One of the most common questions I get is“I want to get into web design… Where do I start?”So this is my 10-step guide to setting up a web design or development business.Of course, if you really want to fly, you have to check out my full 6-month Pro Web Design Course training programme. It is designed to give you absolutely everything you need to know!I won’t go into all the general stuff about running a business (although some of this info is relevant whatever you do).I’ll keep it focused on how you can quickly start doing good work and earning real money.My 10 Steps To Become a Pro Web Designer? ? Know your Strengths and Weaknesses? ? Choose your Market? ? Choose your Offering? ? Promote Yourself? ? Price it right? ? Build a Support Network? ? Build Your Web Site? ? Train Continually? ? Delight Everyone? ? Just Do It!

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