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    Oscar Frank

    Here are some ways you can really make money online legally as a Nigerian without worrying about payment methods. I recently made a post on how to make money with your blog. These are ways I make money and earn income online and I would be delighted teaching these simple tips so you too can start off earning it big online as a Nigerian. BLOGGINGBlogging is one of the major ways to make money online even as a Nigerian.

    I would show yo ways to make money online with your blog.I own a couple of blogs online which earn me money online.

    1. Money from Google Adsense: I make money regularly online using Adsense. If a visitor clicks on those Google ads, Google pays me. I receive my payment in form of checks which Google sends to me here in Nigeria via DHL and I cash the checks at GTBank via my dormiciliary account. Its a cool business if you have a real and huge traffic.You really need a blog to be able to place adsense ads. To learn more about adsense, follow This Link Here.

    2. Make Money from Selling ebooks and softwares: This part has to deal with trust cos no one would ever pay you money to buy something from you if you are not trustworthy. If you can build you blog to have a large audience, you’ve automatically captured trust. So you can now start selling ebooks and software and you can’t imagine how much you’ll be making soonest with your blog. People could pay directly into your bank acount, liberty reserve and other ways.

    3. Make Money from Setting up Blogs and Redesign: This is one of the major ways I make money online. I help people design andset up blogs and I’m been paid for it. I do charge at cheap rates and this keeps people coming back to me for my services. If you need to set up a blog or want to design a blog at a cheap rate you can call me at 08134434017 or send me a message on Facebook via my profile

    4. Make Money from advert placements: Once you’ve built a large traffic base, people would like to place their products on your blog. You can charge them for space and help them advertise their product and make more bucks.

    5. Make Money from Reviews: People can pay you to help them write reviews about their website on your and they pay you for that. Isn’t that great.

    6. Make money from web design: If you can design cool websites, the start advertising your services with links to previous works and see how people would start asking after your services and you’ll earn income and make money online as a Nigerian

    With this, you can now know that it’s possible to earn real money online in Nigeria. If you need any of our services or any problems, feel free to contact me.

    Source: http://seomoneytalk.com



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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