Alternative Counters For Wapka Sites

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    This counter can be used as alternative to wapka given daily and total pageviews counters. It can also be used to give counts of daily and total hits in/out in wapkae toplists, daily and total global impressions and clicks served in wapka adnetworks and for advertisers statistics for those who implement my coding for users’ points deduction in their adnetworks. Enjoy.

    Upload an image file (preferrably below 5kb in size) in root of file manager. Copy the file ID. Lets assume the ID is #20.

    Copy the code below and replace 20 in the code to the original ID of your image file.

    [code]:filelist:x=i,l=1::LOADING...:: :get-file(20): :/filelist:[/code]

    Paste the code in the page in your wapka site that you want the counter to be placed. The counter starts counting every pageviews.

    Put the code below in where you want to display the current counts done by the counter.

    [code]Today Clicks :fstat-dltoday-20:<br/>

    Total Clicks: :fstat-dl-20:[/code]

    You need to use two different images to show stats for your wapka adnetwork. One for global impressions and the other for clicks served.

    For advertisers’ stats, copy and paste the code below in your advertisers’ stats page. Change XX to directory ID where advertisers images are uploaded.

    [code]:filelist:o=tu,l=1,d=XX,x=u:: Total Clicks: %count%<br/>Last Clicked: %time_downl%<br/>Stats Start: %time_added%<br/> :: :user-name: :/filelist:[/code]

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