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    What good is a browser unless you can tweak it, hack it and bend it to your will? No good at all. The more you can hack it, the better it is. And that means that Firefox must be a great browser as when ever you feel that you know everything about it you come across a bunch of hidden (and some not-so-secret) tips and tricks available that will crank Firefox up and pimp your browser. Make it faster, cooler, more efficient. So today I have come up with 3 amazing firefox tricks you might not be aware of.1. Save Session For All Tabs Opened In Multiple Firefox WindowsIf you are an ardent user of Firefox then you may be aware that when more than one firefox windows are opened up, in that case when you close a firefox window, it does ask me the option to save the session and exit, rather it ask to close all the tabs in that firefox window, but it wont save the tabs in other windows. So this way you could not save the session for multiple tabs opened in multiple firefox windows.In such a case, there is only one option left to save the session for all the tabs opened in separate firefox windows by terminating firefox through task manager, here is how you do it.Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to quickly launch task manager, click the process tab and locate firefox.exe and right click selecting the exe and click End Process Tree.Next time when you will open firefox it will open all the tabs in all the windows that were previously open.2. Open & Log In to Multiple Accounts Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter Accounts In FireFoxFirefox extension CookiePie manages Firefox’s cookies—small bits of text stored on your computer that tell a site you’re logged in, for example—in such a way that you can log into the same site multiple times.How to use it?Just follow the steps given below:? ? * Install “CookiePie Firefox Extension”.? ? * Create a new tab or use an existing one.? ? * Open the context menu of the tab (i.e: Press the right mouse button over the tab) and select “Toggle On/Off CookiePie”.? ? * A cookiepie icon will appear over the tab.? ? * Go to a site (e.g.: and login into your account.? ? * Create another tab.? ? * Enable CookiePie on that tab too.? ? * Log in with another account on the same site.DOWNLOAD COOKIE PIE THROUGH THIS LINK

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