Benefits of Responsive design for your blog.

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    Oscar Frank

    Responsive design could be the solution to your mobile site design, you dont have to design web pages for different designs, imagine designing different sites for your blackberry users, iPhone users, tablet users etc and in the future more devices may be designed, will you have to design web pages for all devices? Responsive design is your perfect solution to this as your single site will be re-sized automatically to fit into all devices. Using a responsive theme will ensure that you dont lose traffic no matter the device your site is viewed with. You dont have to lose link juice to your other sites with responsive design as all your links will be on a single site. Responsive designs improve SEO since you have only one site rendered across all devices, all incoming/external links will point to one domain and aggregating all the traffic will increase your SEO value of the domain which will in turn improve your ranking on search engine results.With responsive design you dont have to worry about double content as all your publications will be done on one site only and served to all devices. With responsive design you dont have to worry about designing multiple sites for one site. And responsive design is cheaper and easy to manage.Let me hear what you have to say about responsive design……Coutesy Netmediablog.


    Oscar Frank

    Interestng article.Keep it up.

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