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    Which phone sucks battery more? We have mostly shifted our loyalty to smartphones which are sized bigger than our palms and had bid adieu to keypad phones in recent years. Productivity and ability to do more at amazing speed might be the reason why we are sticking to smartphones. It is difficult to tell which smartphone is good and which is bad, since it solely depend upon the requirements of the person using it.

    Back to the point, usually phones having Java as the core language in their platform will suck more battery. Arguments are there, but lets sum it up to ease the understanding why it is so. Apple uses C-obj for the iOS platform and comparatively it sucks less battery than Android which uses Java, heavily. This is the first and foremost reason to consider. But if you are having an Android phone now and you need not to switch to iPhone, instead you can just use an application which does the job for you.

    Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget

    Let’s put it straight. There is no Holy grail and nothing can help you when you are running hell lot of apps and want to save maximum battery life, if so then smartphones would have done that long ago. It is just that this application will save a considerable battery of your smartphone, and is a worth try.

    I will tell now why After getting into Android world and smartphone that lets me feel so cool, I am always in active mode with it and unfortunately these smartphones come with the battery that lasts for only few hours when used non stop with multimedia stuffs on screen.Du&Switch is just one awesome app that came to my help when I was suffering from battery phobia. Yes, the app gives you few more time to live with your phone and is free to use.

    This is one of the widely used app to save battery, and is lightweight, just 3 MB. This is no joke and it works on to certain level which really emphasizes your smartphone battery life. Du&Switch saves battery and it should be fast for itself first, Yes it is.User Interface is really easy and simple straight to use, no jumbling or tricky kind of.

    I have not experienced any external annoyance from this app like hanging in or force close, that way it is well built for quick navigation. Start page gives you clear details on various things to optimize and control your phone activities to minimize the usage of phone in case if you feel they are unnecessary. This app will also show up the estimated battery left to use, you can choose One-tap optimizer to kill the task and it saves you almost 15 to 20% of the battery. count On/Off switches too, that comes helping for 5 to 10%.

    This App fairly works in all the three modes: Sleep mode, General mode, Long standby mode. in Sleep mode everything is shut but in General mode nothing will be shut but it does a background work to save battery for you but less battery is saved in this mode. If you need only phone calls and sms to be active, long standby is the mode to opt for.Thus, this app is worth a try, You will be happy to get some more time and all it takes is to install Du&Switch, then tell it what to do.Source: MakeMeNoise

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