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    If you are in search of cool /computersinternet/computer-tricks-and-tips”>computer tricks, them you have arrived in the right thread.Let's start with these few tricks USE KETBOARD AS MOUSEUSE ONSCREEN KEBOARDTRANSFORM WINDOWS XP TO WINDOWS 7USE KEYBOARD AS MOUSEWhen your mouse is not working properly, this trick can be of a great help. To activate keyboard as mouse, simply press these keys.Alt + Left Shift Key + Num lockThen click Ok or press EnterThe controlsUse numerical pad to control the mouse 5 is for click+ is for double click- is for right clickON SCREEN KEYBOARDThis is one of the coolest windows feature that displays a virtual keyboard on the computer screen.To use it, Go to start -> Run. Then type osk in the box and press Enter.TRANSFORM WINDOWS XP TO WINDOWS 7If you are running windows XP and want to experience windows 7 without installing it, then what you need to do is download and install Seven Remix XP to transform your windows XP to Windows &.Download hereCulled From Computer Tricks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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