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    screenshot012836557214d.jpg**VMworld Promotional Pricing***“Wyse Turns iPad into Windows 7”-“The Windows iPhone”“The iPhone App for the IT Staff” –“Wyse offers Desktop Virtualizationfor the iPhone” – PCWorld Wyse PocketCloud™ enablescomplete access to your WindowsPC, virtual machine, RemoteDesktop Services or terminal serverfrom the palm of your hand. Withover 10 years of experience in desktop remoting, Wyse allows youto view and manage your MicrosoftWindows desktop anytime andfrom anywhere on your iPhone,iPod touch and now iPad! ** PocketCloud requires VNC to beinstalled for Windows HOMEEditions.*** PocketCloud Premium is an in-app purchase PocketCloud has been completelyre-written for the iPad and will runnatively on the iPad device, takingfull advantage of the 1024x768iPad resolution size. REVIEWS“using it delivered one of those”Wow…I didn't know I was missingthis feature until I had it”moments.” Gabe, “Wyse Revolutionizes Mobile CloudComputing with iPad App” RetailInfo Systems News “Wyse PocketCloud significantlyups the game for remote computeraccess from your iPhone, addingfeatures that make remote access areal feasible option for the iPhoneroad warrior.” “I had tried several other RDP typeclients for the iPhone and none ofthem even came close to thefunctionality of the WYSEsolution.” Calfo’s Blog “…This is a nice addition forcustomers looking to accommodateuser’s demands to access theirdesktop, data, and applicationsfrom anywhere and at any time.”VMware.

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