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    Oscar Frank

    This eAsy tut0rial Is mEanT to enAblejAva scrIpt on y0ur 0peramInI! (i.e)when? u get to a website and u are askedto wait for 30seconds, this tutorial makessure that d 30 counts down to 0 whichwill enable u viewing whats ahead of such page, maybe u ar abt download orupload.sIteS likE 4shAreD,k00lwAp, e.t.cCrEate a b00kmaRk 0n ur 0peRamInI? ind addrEss 0f thE b00kmaRk cleaRevRythIng dere inclUdIng http:// or http://www.Just input


    Thats all, now when u get to d page thatsays wait for 30secs or 1m or whateverjust press *1 (asuming u placed dbookmark @number1) thats all to enablejaVascrIpt in 0peramInI

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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