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    Fiverr is the best Online Service marketplace. You can purchase lots of services for just $5. This post is to let you know Fiverr alternatives here in Nigeria. Here is how fiverr worksThere are Many Fiverr alternatives worldwide that lets one earn higher than on fiverr. Unfortunately, these Fiverr alternatives also do not pay in our Naira currency just like fiverr.Why We Need A Nigerian Based Fiverr Alternative.We made you know about Nigerian Fiverr Alternatives for the following reasons.#1. You can Market Local products which makes sense to people in Nigeria.#2. You can Get Paid to your local bank account#3. Paypal Doesnt accept nigerian and many dont have paypal account in Nigeria. You can use other online services like Liberty reserve, Payza that accepts Nigerians to receive your money.Best 2 Nigerian Fiverr AlternativesBelow are some Fiverr alternatives based in nigera and how they work#1. http://www.CmsDone4you.comCMSDone4You.jpgHow it worksCMSdone4you.comis Nigeria's own fiverr.comalternative, which helps you leverage your skills and sell them for immediate CASH credit to your local bank account.On this site you will find many freelance ready to do any job for you at a ridiculous price of say N500 to N5,000 only. Yes, they will do the job and deliver them as promised.#2. http://www.getibiz.com31902_331806053608708_2135496803_n.pngThis Is Another Nigerian Owned Fiverr encourage users post more jobs by the day on our marketplace. A great advantage of this marketplace is that they purchase two offers every day from members, giving them good reviews and extra Free Featured Listing when they do a good job.Below Are the payment Options in Getibizcredentials.pngWe will get you updated if we find out other good alternatives that are based in nigeria.Thanks to Don4mula (Antoni Omeihe) of for compiling this list and sending it my way.


    But Fiverr never worked for me, it always sucks! I prefer for my daily activities, they are excellent with SEO! Their support is amazing, they give free money, they have contest, and their withdrawal methods are just superb!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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