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    Recently , i received an email from one of our readers , asking me about guest Posting and how to go about it…A lot has been said about guest posting and i was surprised that he doesn't know what guest posting is…that prompted me to write this post. I'd be talking about :**Meaning Of Guest Posting**Choosing The Right Site For Guest Post**Why Your Guest Post Might Be Rejected**Benefits Of Guest PostWhat Is A Guest PostA Guest Post Or Guest Blogging is a piece of article written by an author which is to be posted in another Blogger's site for free. For instance , Blogger A Writes an article to be posted in Blogger B's Site …The article Blogger A wrote is called a Guest Post .Choosing The Right Site For Guest PostingThe main reason for writing a guest post is to gain audience and also backlinks to your blog , however , to achieve that , your have to choose the right site to guest post on.Niche Of The Blog You Intend To Guest Post On : before you guest post on any blog you have to consider the niche of the blog you want to write on…. Does Your article fit in the niche of the blog you intend to guest post on???? For Instance , You write an article on 'SEO' and you intend to guest post it on a Blog that Talks AbOut Automobiles, That will never work Because your post is not relevant to their niche….Online Authority Of The Blog : Since your Main aim of guest posting is to get backlinks and traffic to your blog then You have to guest post on a blog with Good online authority and reputation…..You have to consider to alexa rank of the site , And also the site's authority on search engines….Reasons Why Your Post Might Be RejectedPoor Content: this is the main reason why your guest post or article might be rejected…Knowing fully well that you're guest posting on well known and high traffic blogs , You have to step up the bar in your article by writing unique content that will catch the attention of your readers….Poor Choice Of Words: You grammar can really affect your article…The use of short sms Words has really affected us in a negative way , such that we now use short sms words such as “U D when writing online articles ….Too much use of this Short sms Words Usually disqualifies an article from been accepted….Relevance Of The Article: before a guest post will be accepted , it must correspond with the niche of the website…A Tech Niche website Cannot accept a guest post that talks about fashion because they are not in any way inter-related….Benefits Of Guest PostingThere are lots of huge benefits of guest posting..Apart From generating traffic , Guesting Improves A Blog's Online Authority…When i say improving 'online authority' , i mean improving :Google Page Rank: guest posting is one sure way of improving one's page rank…A High google pagerank means high authority on google's search engine result which means more traffic….Online Presence: Guestposting is also a good way to improve your blog's online presence ….If online readers likes your article , they will definately visit your blog and sometimes they can become one of your dedicated readers(Readers That Frequent Your Blog)…..Backlinks: Guest posting also provides backlinks to your sites……If you guest post on high ranked sites , you get backlinks from them and that helps a lot on your alexa rank….Now Over To Your Reader , I Hope You Find This Article Useful , Contribute To This Article By Leaving Your Comments…This Article Was Submitted By Kelvin from

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