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    I never really knew that images could be hosted on my blogger blog. Blogger gives it's user each a 1GB free space to host your image which is just more than enough for me. People do host their images which they want to use for thir blogs in websites like photobucket, but if you exceed your bandit, that is your images have been viewed so many times, the image no more shows on your blog. Here, I would be showing you the simple steps to take in hosting your images on blogger to avoid such embarrasments to your users.1. Login to your blogger account, click on New Post, then you can give the Post a title like Pictures.2. Now click on add image in order to upload your image.3. A new window would open for you to upload your image, click “upload”, then click on “Choose Files” and select the image you want to upload and upload.4. Once uploaded, and the image shows inside your post, switch to the HTML Editor by clicking Edit HTML button which is beside your compose button.5. Then some code link in this form would appear in the edit box.< div class="seperator" style="clear: both; text-align; center;">Myimage.gif 6. Now note that the tags I colored red started with < i m g and ended with / >, that's all you need, and “myimage.gif” was the name I stored my image before uploading it. Copy that code and save the post. Please, do not publish, just save the post. You could also add more images to same post in future with same process for future use.Now if you would like to use that picture in any of your posts, simply place that tag or code you copied in the post and the picture would appear.Happy image hosting with blogger.

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