How 2 make ur Airtel 10mb last 4 1 month

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    You all knw that aritel 10mb last's for 24hour's but on this threade i will show u how to make it last for a month subscribe 4 a day data plan which is the 10mb datapalan then use this configuration setings below Access ip: port:8080 then you make sure your mb is remaining 1mb or above 1mb, dail *123*10# to check your mb balance then dn't brows again till the tym your mb is remainin 5 munits to expire then u change ur date to december, 31, 2007 then u can start browsing. Note=> your mb will be 0.00 but u will still b browsing 4 free and nw dnt load during this period or u will reset ur phon status and your mb will expire.

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