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    Firstly, their are quite a number of things that a simple hit counter won't be able to show to a webmaster about his blog or forum, and that's where Google Analytics comes in.Google Analytics gives you insights on how many page views your website recieves, the number of unique visitors you get, your traffic sources, and lots more of handy tips about your traffic. Now you know why you need to add Google Analytics to your blog.google_analytics_with_smf_and_wordpress.pngLet's move on… continue readingHow to Add Google Analytics to WordPressEverything this days is quite easy because of plugins. All you need do is simply install the plugin.Download the WordPress Google Analytics Plugin HereYou should know your way around plugin, install and activate it. Fill in the user code you got from your analytics account for the specified site and that's it. You hits would start counting in your analytics account.Now, let's move over to SMFHow to Add Google Analytics to Simple Machines ForumJust like you can use Plugins for WordPress you can also use Mods for SMF. You need to download and install Google Analytics Mod from SMF mod site, install it in your Package Manager, then go to Features and Options, then in General, fill in your Google Analytics ID and save.Download the SMF Google Analytics Mod HereRemember that to implement all these Google Analytics on SMF and WordPress, you need to have a google analytics account, and that's where you need to add your site's URL. To visit Goolgle Analytics website, Click HereIts that simple. You've successfully added Google Analytics to both your Simple Machines Forum and your WordPress blog. Your comments and any problems you encounter are highly welcome. I would be glad to beof help to you guys.Source:


    Oscar Frank

    Nice share.Google Analytics has been working well with my Blogs.



    Nice share bro


    Oscar Frank


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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