How to Add This Social Bookmarking tool bar in Blogger blog

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    HOW TO Add This SocialBookmarking Tool Bar ForBloggerc36_rou_sha.jpgNow that almost all custom templates have removed the Blogger Navbar lots of Bloggers areadding different Toolbarsto their blogs.In this post i will show you how to add the New Share Bar from AddThis Labs.Step 1.In Your Blogger Dashboard Page Click 'Design' > 'Add A Gadget' > Choose Html/Javascript from the pop up menu.Step 2.Copy The following code and paste it into the Html/Javascript Gadget :Blogger Tips AndGadgets Step 3.Save The Gadget -The position of the gadgeton your design page is notimportant so you can dragand drop it to the bottomof your sidebar or into yourfooter..That's it.

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