How to Clean Your PC using Notepad

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    This is just a batch file code which you can se in doing a regular cleanup on your pc.Steps::::1.Open up Notepad2.Copy and paste this code into notepad.***JUST PASTE IT TO YOUR NOTEPAD***@echo offcolor 4adel /s /f /q c:windowstemp*.*rd /s /q c:windowstempmd c:windowstempdel /s /f /q C:WINDOWSPrefetchdel /s /f /q %temp%*.*rd /s /q %temp%md %temp%deltree /y c:windowstempor~1deltree /y c:windowstempdeltree /y c:windowstmpdeltree /y c:windowsff*.tmpdeltree /y c:windowshistorydeltree /y c:windowscookiesdeltree /y c:windowsrecentdeltree /y c:windowsspoolprintersdel c:WIN386.SWPcls3. Go up to file, then save as.4. Then change File name to Clean.bat5. Then in the Save as Type section change it to All files.6. Then in the Encoding Section Change it to ANSI.After your done just click it and it should delete dose useless files & your PC will be clean. It is recommended to do this every 3 days.SAVE IT ON TO DESKTOP SO YOU CAN EASILY USE IT…. ;D 8)

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