How to Create HighQuality Icons Using Gicon for s60v3

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    How to Create High Quality Icons Using Gicon for s60v3Download Gicon Here=============01-783342.pngDESCRIPTION: Recently, Gicon was posted here as another useful application to edit pictures and personalized? icon can be applied to any desired application as well as to use this as an avatar. Now, this simple procedure can help us to understand on how to work with this kind of mobile software. [Download gIcon above]FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE STEPS: 1. First, there must be a Phyton App installed on your phone inorder to run Gicon. 2. Open the Gicon choose yourdesired Template. 3. In order to select image. Tickcenter key or to open a Folder andDisk (Phone Memory [C] orMemory Card [E]) use Right keyvice versa Left key to go back. 4. After selecting the image.Start by marking the exact portionin the image as you subjectedicon.02-784602.png5. Click Left Softkey and confirm.04-787473.png6. Pop-up message comes upasking the file format [png, svg, ormif]. Select then wait for theconfirmation message. Then Exit Gicon.03-786017.pngMainly mif was the common fileextension for Application icon.Somehow, your finish product is located on Phone Memory checkthe path C://Gicon.mif as anexample.06-788288.png===========


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