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    HOW TO CREATE A GERMAN SERVERREQUIREMENT: An email acc., prefarably a gmail or yuurok account.An alternative is to create a temporary spambox acc. with one emailat http://spambox.uswith, u can use d same email address to register at anyof those German server hosting sites many times. I created more than15 German servers with just a single email address by hiding it withspambox.usAll u need do is to input ur email acc. and set d period in which uwant the stuff to last betterstill u can try out creating an emailacc. @, u can create an unlimited amount of email acc. atyuurok? ? ? ? CREATING A SERVERGoto any one of,,,,, etcthere are about 200 of them, all with the same unlimited transfervolume and a 10GB storage space…Register with any of ur gmail acc.yuurok acc., or the spambox u generated at fill in the required details and click on register…If u arenotified that ur registration is successful,goto ur mail box to getur password.# Go back to or any of the hosting site where u signed up andlogin with ur email acc. and the password that was sent to ur box.CREATING A SUBDOMAIN: After u've logged in, click on NEW PROJECT…Click on Webspace,name the project whatever u like, tick any of theoptions u see and click on further.# You'll be asked to enter a subdomain name, enter name you want toappear as ur subdomain name and choose any of the suffixes…u will begiven a range of suffixes from to…choose the 1 u likee.g of suffixes,,,, etc EXAMPLE:After I was through with my registration, I clicked on NewProject,I clicked on Webspace I chose chiwilly as my project name,I ticked only chat and community,I clicked further…I chose as my subdomain and I click on create project# You'll be asked to wait for 15minutes before your project is created…All you need do is to log out and log in…the project creationwill be successful after you log inHOW TO GET YOUR FTP DETAILS: After you've logged in, Click onMANAGE PROJECT, The project you created will be displayed…Now click onthe project's name…you'll see the following…FTP,PHPmyadmin,Email…Scroll down to the bottom of the page and get your FTP details.EXAMPLE 2:After I logged in, I clicked on MANAGE PROJECT, I was showngozmok, I clicked on gozmok…I scrolled to the bottom ofthe next page and saw my FTP details which where as followserver/host: www19.subdomain.comusername? : user99989password? : same as my acc. password (abcd1234)WHAT TO DO WITH FTP DETAIL: FTP means File Transfer Protocol…It is therule that must be followed before a file can be transferred from onelocation to another.With FTP you can transfer files from any location onyour PC to your Webspace…since those German hosting sites don't havean inbuilt FTP client, you will have to use an online FTP client,, etc# Goto any of the online FTP client and input the followingserver/host: ……………..? ? Port: 21username: ……………..password: ……………..initial directory: /wwwSIGN INEXAMPLE 3:When I got to I inputedServer/host: port:21username? : user99989password? : abcd1234initial directory: /wwwI SIGNED INHOW TO UPLOAD: After you've logged in to the online FTP client, you willsee an empty directory…click on upload ( at the left side of the page)FILES TO UPLOAD: The two main files to upload are your tutorial.php andphp.ini…the Two files can be found in the zip file of your IWP. clickon, click on PHP MODULE…you'll see Testmyserver.php,tutorial.php and php.ini. drag tutorial.php and php.ini to your desktopfor easier location# After clicking on UPLOAD, choose tutorial.php and php.ini# You can either choose to rename the tutorial.php or leave it as it is.RENAME is on the Right side of the page.MY EXAMPLE 4: I did all that was stated above, now my server Assuming I renamed it to williams, It willbe FOR THE THREAT OF THOSE WHO SPECIALIZES IN STEALING SERVERS, CHOOSE ALESS POPULAR SUFFIX eg., etc OR IF YOU PREFARE USING THEPOPULAR ONES LIKE, WAIT FOR A DAY OR 2 DAYS BEFORE UPLOADING YOUR FILES.? Mobile: 08066434284NOTE: HOSTING SITES LIKE ORANGESERVE.COM AND DHOST.INFO ALLOWS REGISTRATION WITH ONLY 1 IP ADDRESS AT A TIME AND THEY ARE KINDA HARD TO ACCESS WITH A PROXYSITEHOSTING WITH DHOST[/color]DHOST.INFO ( DELUXE HOST )1.GOTO either with your phone (opera 5.2) or your PC,? with your x10 server or any hacked paid server, just find a way of getting there.2.CLICK on SIGN UP NOW ( If u are warned that someone has registered with your IP, try aother? way to access it, maybe your opera 5.2)3.ENTER your username e.g williams and submit4.ENTER your: First name:? ? ? ? ? ? gozmok? ( just an example oh!) Last name:? ? ? ? ? ? willy Email:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Re- type Email:? ? ? ? Language of your site:? englishDescription of your website:? something like ” A site where members can log in to discuss issue on various aspects of life,? Complete the rest, that was why u where taught english in school ,? Grin Grin Grin ( This is the main determinant. If u type rubbishhere, u may be denied)Tick I have read and understand the TOS? ? ? ? ? ? Click REQUEST ACCOUNT5.WAIT FOR A WEEK OR MORE TO GET A CONFIRMATION MSG FROM THEM6.IN THE CONFIRMATION MESSAGE, IF YOUR REQUEST IS ACCEPTED, YOU WILL SEE your FTP DETAILS like:FTP host: ? ? username:? williamspassword:? abcd1234Your URL: (your server)7. GOTO and log in with your detailsServer/host:? ? ? ? dhost.infousername:? ? ? ? ? williams? ? password:? ? ? ? ? abcd1234initial direct.:? ? ? /www? SIGN IN8. UPLOAD your tutorial.php or .phtml? and your php.ini9. your FINAL SERVER or PHP FULL URL will be? or A GOOD SERVER AT X10HOSTING.COM? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? as an example)1. Goto the zip file of your IWP i.e, click on indiawebproxy…a list containing Java scr (client module),PHP (server module),SETUP and LICENSE.txt will be shown. Double click PHP (server module), php.ini, TestMyServer.php and tutorial.php will be seen.Drag tutorial.php and php.ini to the screen of your desktop….right click on tutorial.php and rename it to whatever u like…I renamed mine to aleksa2. Goto your browser and open an email @…It's the easiest IMHO ( Open a new tab and Goto any of these proxy (the best of the lot) ( f**ks up atimes) ( a good german proxy site)Insert into the box and click on concealme, unblockwebsite or enterN.B: u must go through this proxy sites else u won't receive a confirmation email…I tried going directly yesterday but it proved abortive.4. After getting to x10hosting, click on SIGN UP NOW,enter the following details:username: aleksdomain name….i chose from a drop down list containing (,, and address:chiranofu@yuurok.compassword **************confirm password **************agree to their TOSand click enter5. u'll be notified that a confirmation has been sent 2 ur email.6.goto ur email and wait for some minutes to get d confirmation message…You will get abt 3 msgs from x10hosting…Open d one with x10hosting New …right click on d confirmation link and click on copy link location……go back to or and paste d confirmation…You'll be taken 2 control panel login page…Insert uremail addy and ur password.OR*enter through any of the afformentioned proxy sites, login in ur account (aleks)…wait for some minutes….reload the page and click on any of the messages which has x10hosting New in it's subject…click on thelink containing the confifmatin code, sumthing like…You'll be taken to x10hosting control panel login page….enter ur email address and ur passwordNB: If u don't see d confirmation msg, go back to and click on USER LOG IN…Log in with uremail addy….click on hosting…click here to confirm ur email……click on RESEND CONFIRMATION go back to ur email addy7.After u've logged in 2 ur page…Click on LOGIN TO CONTROL PANEL..a new tab will be opened…On ur control panel click on LEGACY FILE MANAGER under FILE…A new tab where u can upload files will beopened…Upload the two files i.e tutorial.php( renamed to index_1.php) and php.ini…You'll see uploadsucceeded on the right side of the page.THAT'S ALL…HERE IS THE SERVER……………CREATING ORANGESERVE WITH YOUR PHONE Using Opera 5.21. Goto setting of your Opera5.2 and change view to mobile view2. Goto http://orangeserve.com3. CLICK on HOSTING SIGN UP4.Under domain name type, choose use a subdomain … and CLICK NEXT5.Under New or Existing Accountchoose I am a new customer (it will reload and bring other forms)6.Personal infoemail addy: any of ur mail addysec. email addy: leave blankpackage username: whateverpackage password: ****Agree to their TOS and click NEXT7.After some minutes, go back to (change d view back to Normal view)8. CLICK on HOSTIN LOGIN9.Choose FREE cpanel10. Enter ur Username and password11.CLICK on LEGACY FILE MANAGER[/color]12.CLICK on upload file and upload tutorial.php or tutorial.phtml and php.ini13.UR SERVER WILL BE MAKE YOUR SERVER LAST,stick to a particular proxy site for each server….for example, If I'm 2 create at, I will stick with concealme, If I'm 2 create a 2nd server I'll use passadoproxy, a 3rd one with s-proxy, a 4th server with flyproxy… Make sure u dont create 2 different server with the same proxy site at close interval.HOST FREE UNLIMITED CPANEL+IWP SERVERSFIRSTLY,u need a domain to do you dont have a domain, go register a domain therenow after registerin your new domainlogin to the site u registeredclick on “My Account”register a new domain name thereexample:if u register dis, on “MANAGE” and click on “Name servers”put dis in name server 1 and 2nameserver1: ns1.sanctualhost.comnameserver2: ns2.sanctualhost.comclick “ok” or “update”NOW….go to dis website below to get a free cpanel to host d domain u just created u register at d site i gave you,go to this section of the site: a new thread there and name it “Grand Opening Promo”The content of d thread should be as follows:Package: Grand Opening PromoDomain: put d domain name u registered…ex, anytin at allPass: [Auto generate]Email: put ur emailthen click “post thread”wait small time and come bak to dis website,u will see dat u have a new message…d message will giv u all d details to ur free cpanelNOW…example..,if d domain name in the message login to ur cpanel and create iwp server,u nid to go to, it opens,login wit d details u got from d message,click on “Legacy File Manager”click on “Upload”den upload these four files below:tut.phtmlphp.iniini.phpindex.htmlu can get these files by downloadin dis zip n extract it to get dem: upload…your iwp server will luk lik dis used as d example…it can be any oda tin lik co.ccdependin on wat u posted at d thread thereTESTED N CONFIRMEDBYWILLIAMSFOR YOUR PRIVATE/PAID SERVER JUST CALL ME ON 08066434284 OR EMAIL: chiranofu@gmail.comENJOY…………………………[/b]


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