How To Design A Wapka Website

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    In here, I'll be giving a step by step tutorial on how to create a wapka website here. You don't need to pay anybody, you can do it. Lets do this:



    Before I start, I'll also assist those that want to create the following type of sites.1. NAIJALOADED TYPE2. FACEBOOK TYPE3. ESKIMI TYPE4. SHAREMOBILE TYPEI'll also assist those that want to get the best from SEO.



    Wapka helps you to create a mobile site with any function i.e you can create a blog, forum, download or a chat website with wapka. You can even use wapka for h4cking, mainly phising & cookie stealer, but that is not the purpose of this thread.? I'll be teaching you how to create any website of your choice on wapka, such as facebook, eskimi, twitter e.t.c. you can also drop codes that didn't work for you so I can correct it. On wapka you get free filespace and adverts are being displayed at the bottom of your website, though you can remove the adverts (legal & illegal way) but it is prohibited illegally. On wapka you can also change the url of your website to or any domain of your choice.How To Get Started?Go to and click on register then, accept their rules then fill the form. Hurray! Your site has been created!Go to, to see it. Then, to add things and to build yoursite go to, log in and go to admin mode. . . . . . .then read my next post.



    When you log in to your account go to admin mode then scroll to the bottom. You will see edit site, click it, you will now see different links. Let me highlight them :
    New page = it helps you to create a new page where you can start working on e.g the home, forum, download etc
    Forums = It helps you to create forum either structured (i.e creating topics) or simple (for shoutbox)
    Pictures = It helps to upload icons and photos
    Users = It helps to control visibility, users rights, groups, profile etc
    Wml/xml = This is were you post coddings like the ones I'll be giving you.
    Global settings = It contains the headtags, forum and chat settings etc
    Wap2 = It helps to add styles to login, registration, forums, chat
    File manager = You can create directories here, see all files, edit & remove files, control all files etc

    Chat = It helps to create new chat page
    Autocontent = It helps to create something you want to reflect on all pages.
    Exloader = It helps to showcase games, apps etc on your website whereas the actual links to download are situated on another website
    Then we have functions that I don't need to explain like :
    Move items
    Edit items
    Copy items





    Oscar Frank

    Interesting one.



    Interesting one.

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    Pls continue…am really loving ur write…continue I beg..



    Okay bro. I told the ADMINISTRATOR to create a section for Mobile Site Builders but he didn't reply my text that was why I abandoned this topic but I thank God someone is now interested.



    How to Disable :=::=: appears at the bottom of a newly created wapka site.→ You can disable :=:(bottom link)→ goto edit site→ global settings→ others→ disable :=:then tick and submit.



    To get help and tutorials on how to design Wapka & Xtgem. Go to this link




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