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    Hello dear readers, do you know you can download and upload files on Uc Browser with no data cost? There is a free online file storage feature in Uc Browser called UDisk.

    UDisk is a free online file storage provided by Uc Browser that enables its users to download and upload files with no additional data cost. With UDisk, you can download large files of up to 2gb in the permanent file storage folder known as My Files and up to 4gb in the temporary file storage folder known as Temp-file Station.HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND UPLOAD FILES USING UDISKNote: The UDisk feature will only work on Uc Browser. If you don’t have Uc Browser, you can download one here.Before you can make use of UDisk, you will need to register for an account on UDisk website. If you have already registered, you can also login here.DOWNLOADING FILES TO UDISKUse Uc Browser to download any file of your choice. Before downloading, you would be given 3 download options which are: Save, Install and Cloud Download. Click on cloud download.On the next page, you have the option of changing the file name (which also includes the file extension) before saving it to UDisk. You will also see two more options which are: Transfer to UDisk and Save in Temp-file Station. Now, let me explain this: Transfer to UDisk saves the file permanently to the “My Files” folder while Save in Temp-file Station will save the file temporary for 7days in the “Temp-file Station” folder after which it gets deleted automatically. Choose one of the two options then the file will start downloading.You can also upload files from your phone to UDisk. Just visit the UDisk home page and click on “Upload” at the top of the screen.UPLOADING FILES FROM UDISKBefore you can upload files from UDisk to any website, the file must be on your UDisk account. To check the files on your UDisk account, visit the UDisk Homepage then click on “My Files” to check the files stored permanently or “Temp-file Station” to check the files stored temporary.

    Now, you want to upload a filealready on your UDisk account to a website, just visit the website andgo to the upload page (the page where you have to upload that file).

    Click on “Browse” then click on “Upload from UC UDisk”. You wouldsee all the files on the My Files directory, just click on the name ofthe file you want to upload. If the file you want to upload was saved in the temporary file storage folder, click on “Temp-file Station” at the top of the page and click on the file name. Now click on upload or save or whatever name given to the upload button on the website to upload the file.That’s all. If you have any question to ask or would like to say something on this tutorial, please comment using the comment box below.Please don’t forget to share this tutorial to your friends who might be needing it by using the share buttons.Don’t miss out on our next tutorial, always stay tuned to Earthsurfng.comSource:

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