How To Find All Websites Hosted on Same Server

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    I'll guide you through a simple PC ping trick to discover all websites that are hosted on a particular IP server. This is a simple pc tweak for fun.*. Launch command prompt (CMD) on your PC and Type “ping” without quotes and press Enter. *. Now, the IP address would be listed as shown in the image below, copy the IP address out.1.jpgNow open or ip:IP-Address in the Bing or Yahoo search box to get the list of websites hosted on the respective IP hope you enjoyed this little PC trick.



    This Is A Trick Also You Can Use To h4ck A Website Using CMD h4ck Tru The Website Ip. Its Does Not Necessarily Min Dat U Must Use A Pc Or Download Dat 2 Get Such Vital Information On D Site. But Getting information On Any Site Hosting, Server, Date Of Creation, Ip And Others Doesn't Require All dis. Its So Easy. All U Need To Do Is To Use Your Phone, Go To Google And Tracert Anysite By Doing It Dis Way Under Google. E.g Tracert } It Will Bring You The Whois Information. Den Click It And There You Go. U Will All Vital Information And Site Hosting,ip and Server. HMMM HMMM Dats ALL. Ask Anyquestion Or Drop Comment b4 my Oga On Top Will Say Anoda Tin


    Oscar Frank

    Nice input kill49


    you could use online reverseip tools to list all websites hosted on a server, a good free reverseip lookup tool is has neither limitations on domain listing or number of requests per day..they also provide free api so that we can get the results in our desired format, ie either in plain text or json or xml.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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