how to get 100mb with 20N

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    This is a Tutorial on how toSubscribe for the etisalat,100MB! Firstly NOTE umust have atleast20Naira on your etisalatsimcard,then migrate to etisalateasylife by Sending yes to,420, after that, wait for aconfirmation SmS that youare now been subcribedforthe etisalat easylife, nowdial*229*5*1# then wait for aconfirmation sms that, youhavebeen successfully sucribedfor theetisalat quarterly plan andwill bevalid the the second dayforexample15/09/2012, then use it tilthatday, then make sure whenitis exacly the time, i meanthe secondday, then dial *229*0#, theywill now send you amessage thatyou haveopt out of the quarterlyplan,then repeat the step againto getnewmb *229*5*1# you will beregivend 100MB, repeat the stepseveryday and enjoybrowsingtill mama call you!Like 0

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