How to Get 1GB For Just N1,200 Instead of Paying N10,000

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    It's Cool…Airtel Subscribers are seriouslygoing to enjoy this, It's the AirtelBIS Package for Other Phones.No More N1,000 Bundle for100MB again whenyou can now enjoy almost thesame price for a huge MB or evenGB. Airtel Blackberry Users areseriously Enjoying while otherphone users are paying heavilymore than the BB Users, Now ithas to Stop!.We all are gonna enjoy the same,This is a Scope to Use BlackberryBundle on your other phone.To Subscribe for Normal Bundleon Airtel on Other Phones, 100MBcost N1,000 while 1GB cost justN1,200 for Blackberry users. Doyou know you can also get thesame 1GB for N1,200 and Enjoy aVery Fast Internet Speed on yourPhone/Pc for a Month withoutany Fear of Lossing your MB??Check it out… »Do you know that you will SpendN10,000 to Get 1GB if you are touse the 100MB for N1,000 Scope,But All Thanks to9jaboysTO SUBSCRIBE FOR THE AIRTELBLACKBERRY PACKAGE – 1GB FORN1,200 FOR A MONTH 1. Load upyour Phone with N1,2000 Airtimeand move to the nextstep. 2. Text BSM to 440. You willReceive a Message that yourBlackberry monthly Plan has beenSuccessfully Proccessed.Then you will receive anotherMessage asking you to Text StopRenewal to 440 if you dont wantAirtel to auto renew you on thisPackage. I Ignore it because i willlike to Use this Plan every Month,Its Cheap and Affordable and theSpeed is damn fast compare tothe Normal Data Bundle Plan {TakeNote of this}.3. Now, Switch Off your Phoneand put it ON after a Minute, Youshould be able to Use it now -Start Browsing.4. To Check your Data BundleBalance, Use *141*712*0#, Youshould see 1.00GB »Thats All… Click on the SHAREButton to Share with your Friendson Facebook. ||9jaboys noni

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