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    How to Hack a MobilePhone Using SuperBluetooth Hack

    In this POST I willshow you how to hackmobile phone withsimple software calledSuper Bluetooth Hackv.1.8. This is a newversion of SuperBluetooth Hack forconventional andmobile-based simbian. Ifyou do not know whatis a Super BluetoothHack, this programthrough MDM can beused to control otherpeoples mobile phone.You can control and readinformation fromremote phone viabluetooth or infrared, ==>callfrom phone,==> readmessages & contacts,==>change profile, restartphone, and many more. It will workbetter if you have SonyEricsson but any devicewill do.Once connected to aanother phone viabluetooth you can:=>read his messages=>read his contactschange profile=>play his ringtoneeven if phone is onsilentplay his songs(in hisphone)=>restart the phoneswitch off the phone=>restore factorysettings=>change ringingvolume.==>And here comes thebest, �Call from hisphone� it includes allcall functions likehold etc.And much muchmore �How to install:1. Download theSuper BluetoothHack from codedstarz app zone or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.2. Its already in .jar file so Install thesoftware in yourmobile phone.3. Inquire newdevices throughthe software.4. When connectingdevices use acode 0000NOTE..If you have anyproblems installingSuper Bluetooth Hack,? SEND A MESSAGE TO CODED GUY,,enjoy!! The latest hacking tutorals


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    This is quite interesting bro….. why don't we invite our friends in order to make this forum as lively as it used to be before. I sent Oscar a PM, he said he has lots of things on his neck, that's why he's not always online. Can't we help a friend?


    k,…bt did u knw dat dis forum was nt available sm tyms ago


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    Yes, I knew… he said it was hosting server problems..


    k,xo lets chat on twogo my username is ashlopdguy

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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