How To Recover Lost Files & Folders On Your Computer

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    rrr.jpgThe problem of losing datas and files/folders is solved using this post. Did you know you can recover your lost folders and files even when you delete them from your recycle bin? In a couple of seconds, I will show you how any file deleted from your computer and from the recycle bin could be recovered.People delete files and folders mostly because of lack of memory and lack of updates of application but later on, the individual might find out the file he or she once deleted might be of a solution to a particular problem and thereby needs to retrieve them back to his or her hard disk.Some due loose data and information due to hard disk crash by virus attack in a computer. Before the end of this post you will get a solution on how to get rid of losing your files and folders.How Do I Recover My Deleted Files And Folders?When you delete a file from your computer, it doesn’t get deleted immediately by the the hard disk because there are tracks and sectors in your hard disk that gives room for storage of deleted files and folders. There with a certain software you can use to recover your files even when you delete them from your recycle bin.REC.jpgSteps To Follow In Order To Recover Your FilesStep One: Search for a Software called “Recuva” in google by typing the key word in google search box. Download the “recuva software” to your computer OR download it HEREStep Two:Extract and install the application to your computerStep Three:Run the application on your computer and follow the prompt, leave it to search your hard disk and your program files. Note: This might take a few seconds .Step Four:After it has completed the search, select the files you want to recover, it would be recommended if you select recover all. Click ok and your files woiuld be back to its initial location in your computer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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