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    Source: Earthsurfng.comToday, I am going to be dropping a tutorial on how you can use your java s40 mobile phone to send java games and apps (.jar files) to another device via bluetooth.

    This tutorial have been around for a while now but most people especially those who don’t browse often don’t know about it.You can download and send java games and applications (.jar files) from your s40 java phone to another bluetooth enabled device through a java application called SEND MY JAR. To do this, just download the required files for this tutorial and follow the steps.


    STEPS:Open your Uc Browser app and use it to download any java game or application. It will give you 3 options which are: Install, Save, and Cloud Download. Click on Save. On the save page, the file extension will be automatically changed from .jar to _jar in the Name text field e.g from Earthsurfng Blog.jar to Earthsurfng Blog_jar. Below it, you will see an option to choose Download Path. Select the folder you want to save the file then click the left soft key to save and wait for the file to finish downloading.When the download has been completed, exit your Uc Browser then open the SendMyJAR application. You will see a notification like the one below:Running application request: Switch on BluetoothClick on Yes. Locate the folder you downloaded the java game(s)/app(s) and click on the name of the one you want to send then click search. Wait for it to complete the search. It will display the name(s) of bluetooth device(s) that are switched on. Click on the name of the bluetooth device you want to send the file.That’s all. The person you are sending the java game/app will receive it on his/her phone and can now be able to open it.Now, who wants me to send java games/apps for him/her. Just put on your bluetooth and you’ll receive it wherever you are (even in the grave) :).If you have any question on this tutorial or want to say something, feel free to use the comment form below.Please don’t forget to use the share buttons to share this tutorial with your friends.Stay tuned for more.Source:

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