How To Use A BIS Plan On An Android Phone Or Tablet Rooted Or Unrooted

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    This tutorial goes to all my Android users who has been finding it difficult to use their BIS plan on Android device. It is time to fastened your seat belt because I am about taking you on a journey of 90kilometre per… Lol! So these are what you will need on your android phone or tablet. For Rooted Android Phones or Tablet1. Download superuser if you don't have it, if you do, then download SetDns from Google play or market. 2. Pay for Blackberry plan, wait for the text message saying that your blackberry plan is active. 3. Go to Mobile network settings on your android. 4. Create a New Access Point. Name it anything. But in your apn tab, put 5. user and password, Put web. 6. Scroll down to the option APN type, then enter “default”. 7. Save your APN, select it, and switch off your phone or tablet. 8. Switch on your phone, and check your notification bar. if the 3g or edge sign is showing data coming in and going out. then you are good to go. This means that the BBC or BIS plan is working as an internet access point. But you will notice that no app will connect to the internet yet. 9. This is where SetDns comes in, open SetDns, scroll down to where a tab says googledns, you will see two input boxs below it. Leave them, and go to the tab that says apply. 10. Click Apply, A notification should show up saying superuser has granted access to setdns. 11. Minimize it. and try any internet app. It will connect 12. Did I mention that setdns also speeds up your internet speed. Non Rooted Phones or Tablet.1. Use a standard internet plan for this; Look for GAE proxy app and Droid VPN from google Play and install them. 2. Open GAE proxy app , scroll down to the place it asks to download additional files. 3. After the download. 4. Activate BBC or BIS plan, and create your blackberry apn. 5. Open GAE proxy app and click enable network. 6. Open any internet enabled app and enjoy. Using Droid VPN1. Use a standard internet plan for this; Download the app from Google play or google out Droid VPN and download it from the site. 2. Register a username on Droid VPN 3.Activate your Droid VPN account. 4. activate the app. 5. Pay for your BB complete plan, and activate the blackberry apn, make sure you get the message that your plan is active. 6. Open Droid VPN and connect it. it will give you two servers you can use for free. 7. Once its connected. 8. Open any internet enabled app and connect. If you want to use a modem on your tablet remember to turn off the wireless access before the tablet can see the modem!!! Enjoy!!!Source:


    Oscar Frank

    This is a nice tutorial. Thanks for dropping it.



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