How to Use Your Android As A Modem On PC

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    Austin Ogiza

    To do this you will need 4 applications.. 3 on your Android and 1 on your PC…

    First is to download these software/apps..

    The first is Pdanet for PC here

    Then is the pdanet+ from Google play store or click here

    Then download the Tether app and also the USBdebug both from Play store…

    Soon after these apps/ software have been downloaded and the Pdanet For PC is installed .. Plug in your USB then open your USB debug app and tick the Debug mode when USB is connected .. After that proceed to the tether app and click on it.. Then open your pdanet+ on your android and Tick activate USB tether .. The PC version of the pdanet will alert you a device has been plugged in if it doesn’t, go over to the software and double click it so you will be connected.

    The version of the pdanet+ on the android is limited so be ready to reactivate every time it stops both on tha PC and android softwares respectively..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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