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    KungFu Warrior v1.3A gang of thieves has killed yourteacher! Now … Time for revenge! Thestory of our hero began in a small, quietvillage, far from civilization. There hestudied under the tutelage of a senior sage, a Taoist master. Day after day, hemastered the skills increasingly ancientart of kung fu. Thus, days, months andyears passed happily and safely …Then one terrible day, without warning,a gang of bandits attacked the village. They looted, burned, looted and raped.Determined to save the village, seniormaster cast to fight all their energy andstrength. Finally, he forced the banditsto flee. But for his efforts, he paid ahigh price, sacrificing their own lives. Faced with severe torture while holdingthe lifeless body of his teacher, our heroappealed to the sky with the promise. Hewill avenge his master. He gave the oathof Taoist and must assume the entireburden of responsibility for the preservation of the countryside in safety.Thus our story begins …Features:- Beautiful 2D graphics- Silky smooth animation- Tons of combos – Crazy deadly attacks- Loot from enemies of various things- 27 epic levels- 11 stadiums for the production ofthings- 15 unique combo attacks – 24 items for leveling your stats- 11 frightening enemies and bosses- Boards OpenFeint + achievement Language: EnglishSystem Requirements: Android 2.1 +Download? ? ? ? ? *ENJOY*

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