Latest Etisalat Mobile and PC Trick

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    Oscar Frank

    New Etisalat Cheat For Pc and Mobile phone. Great news for nigerian youths. The best isp in Nigeria now works free with dns config. The good news is it works on any device that can change dns settings,Without much time waisting lets get to biz. FOR PCCreate a New profile on your modem And set your access point to Then Go advance and set your dns as follows primary DNS address: secondary DNS address: now connect and configure all ur PC programs with the following proxy nd port address:-proxy address:- port:- 8080 MOBILE PHONES Set your apn to blackberry.netThen go advanced. And changeDns Address Toprimary DNS address : secondary DNS address : ip: port: 8080 Exit and use all your apps Directly as if you've got bundle.. ALTERNATE DNS PRIMARY: 156.154.70 . SECONDARY: PRIMARY : SECONDARY :


    Oscar Frank

    All you need do is subscribe for BIS daily plan of N100, by dialing *499*3*2#

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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