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    Changing of Splash screen is atask dat can be completed usingseveral methods.METHOD NĂ˜1Requirements:- Class Editor,Calc4me, image file(ur image).ON A SHEET OF PAPER, TAKEDIS DOWN1. Image size: eg 26AC(this is d new img 2 be used)2. Default image size: 722b orget d value of it urself.3. 14 addresses in the v file.PROCESS:STEP1: Open ur image(png) wit ClassEditor.STEP2: Copy all d characters ofur image.How : Press (*) to activatehighlighting, Press Left Soft Key andlook 4 d size of d image.Ex. Role:5247(2A61)(tak note 2A61 isyour image size and take note of dnumber).Go back den press 5 then press 6 uwill c copy, paste etc., press copypress right soft key once to backpress back key to return to folderSTEP3: Open d v file, search 4 dsplash image.How : Press(9) and enter 'PNG'in d text field>>ok. move cursor to dbegining and press(#)twice 2 bring d 1st and 2nd PNGby 1st and 2nd clicks. Then starthighlighting 4rm ?PNG… downto END?B'?STEP4: Press(5),(6) then selectinsert to paste the copiedcharacters earlier on>>NextSAVE FILE!now open ur Exhexeditor and enterdat image size press ok and executenow we c d 14 addresslike dis2CDC=?2CF8=?2DBF=?2EA1=?2FC1=?30D7=?321B=?3365=?33D4=?3444=?34F4=?35B9=?3684=?384B=?Record your answers on a sheetof paper, like i said earlier on.(ur classedictor b4 should not be exited justminimize it b4) b4 using ur calculator(press and hold * to minimize)STEP5: Open the v file wit Classeditor>>Press[0]>>Press(7)>>Input 27 then press ok, press backand press ok! The positionof the cursor should b placed atthe value 2C like dis:0000[2C]DC 0000 2CO6 0000 2CCD 0000 2DAF0000 2ECF 0000 2FE5 0000…Just move and place ur cursorto d specified value, then press(3) to edit on HEX value i.ereplace d new 14 address codeswit d default ones.After u'v replaced d 14addresses wit d new ones, it denlooks like dis:0000 3480 0000 349C 0000 35630000 3645 0000 3765 0000 38730000 39BF 0000 3B09 0000 3B7B0000 3BE8 0000 3C9E 0000 3D5D0000 3E28 0000 3FEF 000…SAVEFILE!Then compress all files to 'File_jar' with BlueFTP. Test urhandwork! all thru…comment i will summerize everything again 4 beta understandingUse d blu ftp to compress to zip or uspower graps to compress to zip andlater rename to jar

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