Modding S60v3 Fp2 Home Screen

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    Modding Home Screen s60v3 Fp2BeforeEmmikem_Screenshot0003.jpg AfterEmmikem_Screenshot0001.jpgThis will change the location of the position more Hs? shortcut to the top.That's a piece ofcake , Lets follow ..Step – step1.change standby theme of your Cp through the settings, go to settings? >>> general Personalized >>> >>> standby mode? >>>? homescreen? >>>? select horizontal icon row.2. Open x-plore, copy file10275102.txt? from folder? Z/private/10202be9Hsfp4.jpgand paste into the folder C/ private/10202be9Hsfp5.jpg3.Edit 10275102.txt file attributes by pressing number 6, and uncheck red (uncheckklist) on Read only.Hsfp6.jpg4.Edit file by pressing the number 8 in x-plore, see the string:0x200 int 0 16777216 cap_rd =alwayspass change? int 0 to? ? int 1 so strings:0x200 int 0 16777216 cap_rd =alwayspass? toHsfp7.jpga string:0x200 int 1 16777216 cap_rd =alwayspassHsfp8.pngthen back and save changes?Choose yes ..Hsfp9.jpg5.delete 10275102.cre existing files in the folder? C/private/10202be9/persistsHsfp10.jpg6.Restart hp, and watch thedifference.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? *ENJOY*

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