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    Tweak Scarcity all over theInternet.. Am even Tired of Usingany Tweak, Its better to Subscribenow.. You will Really Enjoy it. ButSome People are still notAdvancing, They believe so muchin Tweak than their Friends#gbam!!! Take this Hot EtisalatTweaks..NOTE: If it doesn't work for You -#Abeg no be my own Fault ooo..Use Etisalat Default Settings, ThenPut the bbelow Tweak into yourOpera and Feel the Speed.HTTP Server:- Server:- socket://> Choose HTTP as your Proxy.Proxy Server:- this Also:: Use Etisalat DefaultSettings, Use this.HTTP Server:- Server:-socket:// Server:- also Rock, Create NewSettings/ProvIP:- 80APN:- EtisalatHTTP Server:- OR> Make Sure you have at least N1on your Phone.



    take dis also on opera7 puthttp and proxy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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