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    9 Important Tips To Prevent Phishing Attacks and Secure Yourself In InternetThe phishing attack is one of the most frequently occurring attacks on the internet. Although there are many variants, we have to gather information that lets us know what they are and how to take certain basic safety rules to help us protect ourselves from them.One of the most common techniques of phishing is the ability of an attacker to duplicate a website to make it look through deception (social engineering) that is changing the original site to a fake Web page hosted on a server controlled by him. After created this fake site on the Internet, the hacker begins sending mass of emails to countless email ids, especially to some transaction websites like banking, shopping online etc. to perform certain changes in your personal information.Once the user accesses the account through that link in the email and entered his personal details like password and login to his account, the hacker takes over the whole personal data of that person. The information normally obtained through this type of attacks are user name, passwords, credit card, passwords, and other personal data that you kept secret!To improve protection against these types of phishing attacks, it is important to follow these tips.? 1. Never respond to the requests for personal information via email.? 2. Install and always update your antivirus software and firewalls.? 3. Keep your operating system updated.? 4. Manage an e-mail system with anti-spam features directly from the server to delete spam.? 5. After receiving a mail with an attachment do not run it without scanning with antivirus.? 6. Note that it is much safer to type the URL directly instead of accessing it through a link.? 7. Be careful with those entities that exchange sensitive information and have no certification of authentication.? 8. Notify your bank or whatever enterprise if as soon as possible if you get attacked and lost everything from your hand!? 9. Use common sense; it is the most effective protection against any security attack more than all Antivirus and Firewalls.So always be careful about these types of attacks. Internet provides us a lot of facilities but majority of them are fake and spam. So always secure yourself in this cyber world.

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