Simples & Easiest way to Hack any Symbian Phone With Trend Micro Mobile Security

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    Symbian Hacked With Micro Mobile Security Anti virus by bebooo43 Please I try To make this verry understandable the way newbie would understand……..So try To follow this Method Step by Step…. If you due that am sure you want ask about any problem…….______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Tools needed:::::::::X-plore -> Download It from The Attachement BelowAnti-virus – > it Here=> Trend Micro Mobile Security Anti virusQuarantine File -> Lite – > Install X-Plore and open It then Locate your downloaded click on it to open and then unpack tha tmquarantine archive to C drive… You should get something? like dis = > C:tmquarantine? path.See the Screenshot bellow146583121c67b3c3b493a227e830e21b44cebaa9.jpg14658311eeb28386c285d5a2f8a615bcdfd23671.jpg1465831069d44d03023b7241ebbacc69aa2e9976.jpg 2. Install Trend Micro Mobile Security Anti-Virus (MobileSecurity.sis)3. Locate the Trend Micro Mobile Security Anti-Virus and Launch it…..14720024e262fbe2882d44d231a258da4a1726ea.jpg4. Goto Options – Quarantine list147200250f3e17b2db9d8fba0deeecc69a9a202c.jpgAnd you will See this Three Files….14720026fd2014c2555d8f80aaa3c3a45d4fe401.jpg5. Press Options – & Restore the files one by one…1472002713b1717fefa0b95cb55ae1e17788b615.jpgUntill you Restore all the Files………6. Close trend Micro Mobile Security Anti-Virus and delete/remove it from Application Manager.7. Install RomPatcher+ Lite 14879575e6df810da56483cec4be3af64dfbe8e8.jpg8. Launch and apply patches: – Open4all for full access to file system. – Installserver for installing any unsigned applications.(If checked and they all shown green? , reboot now your phone.) Note: Set patches to auto if needed. (Options – Add to auto) mistermobilecoderusnoki.jpgPhone is now hacked. ;D ;D ;DNOTE ONLY FOR THOSE THAT has shown RED cross in Rompatcher+ mistermobilecoderusnoki.jpg..they should follow step 9 to 16..9. Install X-Plore. 10. Open it. 11. Press (Menu – Tools – Configuration). 12. Check all (Show Hidden Files, etc.). 13. Open “”. 148804169a66662481eeef21de6b0decb5514a16.jpg14. Choose what Symbian OS you have. (List below) 15. Copy “installserver.exe” from the folder of your OS to “C:/sys/bin”.? 1488042080b5011a1ad321ab98bb406e01511547.jpg14880421d0b83c883a6b36f9f9df59c7233eec50.jpg14880422543af3a30d9bd392328be440188440ab.jpg16. Reboot phone. Phone is now hacked and No need to apply installserverpatch in RomPatcher again….Download-installservers_pack -> list inside choose the one that suite your symbian os onlyif you dont know your symbian os then goto in the top right side of the site, you will see search box… Just enter your mobile name e.g “Nokia E63” and go (its a small icon near the box) …….It will come up with different phones just click only the phone which is yours…….Then it will show you your phone info e.g:? Nokia E63 – Full phone specifications you will see some thing like:¾.À'GENERAL( `À.¾SIZE`À.¾ )DISPLAY¾.À)'SOUND(.À'MEMORY¾.À)DATA( `À.¾CAMERA`À.¾ )FEATURESunder FEATURES you will see:::: OS :::: Symbian OS 9.2, Series 60 v3.1 UI which mean you gonna use installserver9.2 if its Nokia E63installserver91: for E60, E61i,E62, E65, E70, N71, N73, N75,N77, N80, N91, N91, N92(Symbian9.1)installserver92: for E51, E90,N76, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N93,N93i, N95, N95-2, 6290, 5700,6120, 6110, i520, i550, i400,i450, i560, G810, N78, N96, 6220(Symbian 9.2, 9.3)installserver3250: for 3250installserver5500: for 5500installservere50: for E50installservere61: for E61 or3250 (if first file wont work “only”)installserver934: for newest 9.3and all 9.4 modelsinstallserverS3: for all Symbian^3(and Symbian Anna, SymbianBelle)Arman for sharing tutur + more info + screen shot…… ¾.À'¾.À*' ) ¾.À* )(¾.À' (¾.À` *(`'À.¾(…`'À.¾ ¾.À'') ¾.À'')”`'À.¾ .ÀIf you like my post pls dont hesitate to say thanks….. By clicking.¾.À''”(¾.À''(¾.À'' `'À.¾)`' À.¾)¾.À'¾.À'¾.À*' ) ¾.À* )(¾.À' (¾.À` *(`'À.¾(`'À.¾ ¾.À'') ¾.À'')”`'À.¾.À thanks button….. À.¾.À''”(¾.À''(¾.À'' `'À.¾)`' À.¾)Enjoy This By The 9jaboys[/color][/b]

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