The 10 Don’ts Of Using a Smartphone

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    Smartphones today have become an important part of our lives. We could barely live without them these days. It is therefore important that we take care of our phones to enable them last longer and serve us better. It is also important to know how to manage the side effects or harm these devices could pose us. Here are 10 things you should avoid when using your smartphone. 1. Don't Overcharge your battery.overcharging_battery.jpgIt is common knowledge that over charging could cost you your smartphone battery. If you want to preserve your smartphone battery, take it off the plug when it is fully charged. 2. Don't Put your Phone in your Pocket/Breast Pocket? Cellphones emits harmful radiations that could lead to Male infertility and breast cancer. It is therefore advisable for Men to avoid putting their smartphones in the trouser pocket to avoid radio emission from damaging your sperm cells. Also, it is unhealthy for both Men and Women to put their Phones in their breast pocket to avoid the risk of cardiovascular complications. Get a phone pouch.3. Don't Sleep with your Smartphone Under your PillowSleep.jpgThe “under the pillow” angle of cell phone radiation is just a subset of a larger discussion on the topic of cell phone radiation in general. Though there is some evidence to support harmful effects of cell phone use on the brain, the jury is out on brain cancer or brain tumors and cell phone use. The best thing to do is keep your phone away at bed time.4. Don't operate with One/Wet handsOperating your smartphone with one hand or wet hands increases the risk of losing your smartphone screen, as it may easily slip off your hands. It is advisable to have a firm grip on your phone with both hands and ensure that you dry your hands properly before handling.5. Don't Let the Battery Run out Completely]Most times we allow our batteries go out completely maybe because we are expecting an important call or enjoying an interesting game or movie. However, letting your smartphone battery go completely flat stands your the risk of weakening the battery capacity and causing your smartphone to overheat. It is advisable to put off your smartphone at most on 5% baterry level, never let it get to zero.6. Don't Install Apps you don't Need Each app you install on your smartphone is allotted a portion of your phone memory for its' operation and background operation. Installing apps you don't need causes your phone to run out on memory and as a result causes your smartphone to be slow.source:'ts-of-using-a-smartphone/

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