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    Starting a new web development? project is not a cakewalk. Instead, it is a grueling task, as it involves a number of complex issues that can only make sense to an experienced web developer. Before proceeding further with a new web development project, you need to have a fair idea of the exact requirements of the project otherwise; the entire effort might come to a sudden halt. Besides that, you need to have a fair authority on different programming and scripting languages otherwise; you will never be able to make it large in this domain. Check out these below mentioned issues carefully before proceeding further with your web development project:Client Side Scripting Language: РClient-side scripting language is almost a necessity if you want to enable web pages to be changed dynamically. One of the most popular Client-side scripting languages is JavaScript. It offers a number of amazing advantages that includes high level of flexibility, adoptability and so on. Action Script is another popular scripting language that can do wonder in flash. AJAX is now being widely employed for loading certain segments of a webpage without reloading the entire page. However, the major drawback of Client-side scripting language is that it is not secured against external threats and malicious attacks. Therefore, if you are a bit concerned about security measures, you should opt for Server Side Scripting language.Server Side Scripting: РThis scripting language is widely employed for adding an extra belt of security around eCommerce websites. Unless you are ease with Server side scripting, you will never be able to secure transactions in an eCommerce website. Some of the popular forms of server side scripting languages are ASP.NET, JSP, CGI, Ruby, PHP, Perl, CGI, Coldfusion etc. All these scripting languages have different functionalities and they serve different purposes altogether. The use of PHP has expanded manifolds from the past because of compatibility issues and other advantages. ASP has its own niche where it is unrivaled in its own way. Perl and CGI are good but they are a bit old compared to other scripting languages. ColdFusion that is Adobe’s server-side script language and it is also good at ensuring high level of security.Markup Language: РMarkup language is a language that uses different tags for describing content of a web page. HTML is considered as the standard form of markup language. However, HTML is a bit sloppy and somewhat inconsistent, and this is the reason why XHTML has evolved. Now an increasing number of people are using CSS for segregating styling from the content.Now, after developing a website in any of these languages, you need to create a database and you can opt for SQL for this purpose. For editing purpose, you need to have a good Integrated Development Environment, popularly known as IDE. HTML-Kit, Eclipse, Visual Studio etc are some popular IDEs.

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