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    What it does is change ur menuicons/folders to look like the touchmenu, iteven changes default icons andcan beused with ANY theme even built inones,it works fine on n85 but iv nottested it on any other handsets.To make it work u need a hackedos9.2/9.3 device with access toresource and sys folders,download thefiles attached below and extract,placemenu.mif and apps.mif into c:/resource/ apps andappshelldata.xml into c:/private/101f4cd2/content thenreboot ur device.Ur menu should now look like thetouchstyle from s60v5.B4 doing any of the above ushould backup yourappshelldata.xml file just incase itdon't work on your device.*NOTE* if you use Biggzy's modyour menu layoutwill be the same as in my screensso youwill have to rearrange your menutohow you want it.Hope you all like it and hope itworks foryou, if your menu messes up justpaste ur own appshelldata.xmlback into c:/private/101f4cd2/content andrebootand all will be fine…..



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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