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    Hello now there a a tunnel that works with ETISALAT without any prio/bis subscription,, .Visit http://www.tweakwarevpn.net download the TWEAKWARE PROXY at the download section and REGISTER a USERNAME n PASSWORD…(Make sure u activate your account from your email)How to connect, : configure your modem software access's point name with “etisalat”, then connect to the internet, after that launch Tweakware proxy, fill in your username and password, select any server from the server list and click on connect. Once its connected you will need to configure your internet applications to use “” port “8080” then blaze on…NB: for https to work, you will have to add exception on Firefox (i.e when Firefox brings out the security warning, you will have to click on “I understand the risks” and then “add exception”) but if that does not work then clear your browser's cache and cookies and try again, or simply use Opera browser.and blaze on with etisalat 0.00kb without bisvoucher/acct upgrading for tweakware proxy cost 1000 bank depositeliberty:::::6.35 call me on 07033621499BBM PIN—-2279F5EBYAHOO MSGER



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