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    /mobile-resources/unlock-password-protected-memory-card”>Unlock Password Protected Memory CardFor S60 1st and 2nd PhonesWhat should we do if we forgetthe password? For S60 1st andsome of 2nd phones, such asNokia 3650, Nokia 6600 andNokia N-Gage, the password isstored in a plain text file. Firstly,you need to install FExplorer, afree file manager that allows usto browser through S60 filesystem. Next, launch FExplorerand then browser to c:systemfolder. There is a file, calledmmcstore. Rename the file tommcstore.txt and then open it.Your password must be severalcharacters at the end of the file.For S60 3rd Phones, Nokia N-Series and Nokia E-SeriesUnfortunately, there is no wayto recover the password in thelatest S60 phones. The only way that I know so far is byreformatting the memory card.It can be done from MemoryCard application by selectingOptions | Format memory cardmenu. Of course, you will lose all your data in the memory card…If any of you have experienceunlocking password of memory card in latest S60 phones, feel free to share ithere.Compatible devices: S60 1st, 2nd, 3rd Edition, Nokia Nseries, Nokia Eseries.

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