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    Spec A= Garden egg fruit.Spec B= Tridax fruit.Spec C= Grain weevil.Spec D= Tick.Spec E= Rat (wet preserved)Spec T= Tilapia Fish (wet)Spec K= Toad.Spec L= Lizard.BIOLOGY1. Classify specimen a and b2. State d agent of dispesal4specimen A nd B3. Draw a label diagram ofspecimen B4. Cut specimen a into twolongitudinal section and label5. State two economic importantof specimen E,D,C6. State two ways by whichspecimen C,D,E can be preserved.7. Name the habitat of specimenJ,K,l8. State two adative featuresofspecimen J,l to live in theirrespective habitat9. Mention two adaptive featuresof specimen K to live on land andin water012 WAEC AGRICULTURALSCIENCE SPECIMENSA= Organic manureB= Inorganic manureC= Sandy soilD= Clay soilE= CrucibleF= Source of heat/BursenBurnerG= Weighing BalanceH= CultlassI= HoeJ= ShearsK= RakeL= Watering canM= ShovelN= Groundnut seedsO= Maize seedsP= Guinea corn seedsQ= AphidsR= Lantern/ Huricane lampS= Chicken eggT= TickU= A chart showing a pig/Handdrawing of a pig.QUESTION AND ANSWER(specimen A-organicmanure) USES1.poultrydr0pping 2.cow dung 3.farmyard manure 4.compostmanure 5.ash(SP BINORGANIC MANURE) aresynthesised artificially USESbr />1.N.P.K Fertilizer2.Ammonium sulphate3.sodium4.urea5.calciumammonium nitrate6.superphoshate7.limeADVANTAGESND BENEFIT OF A1.suppliesnutrient to crops2.increases soil fertility3.binds soil particles 2gedar4. Amproves soil structure5.increases the yield ofcrops 6.acts as a buffer inthe soil.METHODS OFAPPLYING A.Padcasting,spra ying,sidedressing,bandmethods…EXPERIMENT TOFIND THE PERCENTAGE OFHUMUS CONTENT IN THE SOIL.Mass of crucible=xg mass ofcruable +drysoil=yg mass ofdrysoil=y-x=A(g ),mass ofdrysoil alterlating=z-x =B(g),mass of humus=A-B % ofhumus=A-B/AX100….EXPERIMENT TO FINDTHE % OF SOIL WATER.METHOD=lnitial mass of thesoil is recorded and heatedin a crucible the mass isrecorded after heating ndthe mar7 of water isrecorded. Mass of crucible=X(g),mass of cruable + freshsoil=Y-X=A(g),m ass ofcrucible+heated soil=Z(g),mass of dried soil=Z-X=B(g),mass of water=(A-B) (g)(SPECIMEN H-CUTLASS) LISTeight uses,(SEpCIMEN I-HOE)list 5 uses(SPECIMENJ)list 5 uses(SPECMEN K)list5 uses(SPECIMEN L)list 3uses(SPECIMEN M)list 5 uses(MAINTANANCE OF H,I,J,K,L&N)1. Clean&dry after use2.straighten bent blade3.rubthe metal with oil4.avoidrough handling5.keep in cooldry place(SPECIMEN N-GROUNDNUT)botan icalname=ARACHISHYPOGEA,varieti es=1.castlecarry 2.kano local 3.kano 504.samuru 38,soilrequirement=1.s andy,loamynd highly acidic toneutra..PROPAGATION=see d,PEST=aphid,ro dent,weevil,CONTROL1.spray with insecticide2.settin of traps 3.earlyharvest ,DISEASES=>1.rosettedisease(virus)=>2.tikkadisease=>3. Aspergillosis4.seed rot (fungus)(SPECIMEN O)botanical name=ZEAVarieties=deutmaize,sweet,cor nYesterday at 5:10amMarvelous Sleemzy Ginger………;-(PhysicsQuestion 1 =>retort stand withclamp;spring balance; twobeakers,500cmcu bea) containing water and labelledwaterb) containing kerosene andlabelled liquid L;set of masses50g,100g,150g,2 00g,250g;threadabout 1m.Question 2 =>retort stand withclamp;flat bottom plastic petri-dish;syringe about(0-10cmcub e).Remove the needle. Pull up theplunger. Use flame from a matchstick to melt and seal the tip ofthe syringe to ensure that it isairtight; use appropriate (plastictoplastic) adhesive to fix thebottom of the petri-dishsymmetrically to the top of theplunger; set of masses500g,1000g,2000 gand 2500g.==>Note: Masses may be improvisedwith fine dry sand.Question 3 =>potentiometer(0-100cm)ammeter(0-3A) volmeter(0-5V)2ohms standard resistor labelledR; two dry cells each 1.5v or 2vfreshly chargedaccumulator;plu gkey;eightconnecting wires

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